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I’ve added a new category to Tip Junkie, entertaining. I have some amazing friends with this talent and it completely inspires me. So hopefully you’ll be inspired to.

Anna’s 30th Birthday Party

A while ago I found Anna’s birthday lunch post. Anna is an interior designer and mostly posts about kitchens, cottages, and art. But every so often she’ll post about her life.

For her 30th birthday party Anna decorated the table in pink, yellow and white with tin buckets filled with daisies placed down the centre of the table. Each girl received a hand painted parasol to use outside for drinks. Beautiful!

Emily’s Pink & Yellow Birthday

Anna decorated this table in pink, yellow, aqua and lime green for a 5 year old party. She had the tablecloths made for her son’s 3rd birthday party a couple of years ago and she sewed some gorgeous floral frills on for Emily’s party. Anna made the napkins in pink and white stripe and then tied in knots and placed them on each plate.

That table cloth is to die for!

Harry’s Birthday Cake

For all you cake decorators out there check out this cake! It’s absolutely amazing, Anna.

Be sure to leave a comment if you’ve hosted an incredible bash lately. I’ll be happy to feature it.

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  1. amazing! Some gals want to hide in a corner on their 30th, but what a party! I love that table!!! This is how I want to celebrate my 30th and maybe a pirate cake for the heck of it!

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