28 Cupcake and Birthday Cake Ideas {recipe}


Are you hosting a party soon or love to bake?  Here are 28 cupcake and birthday cake ideas and recipes.  Man, these are making me hungry! {snicker}

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Ideas For A Birthday Cake

Colorful Caterpillar Cupcake Recipe

1.  Colorful Caterpillar Cupcake Recipe – This picture always makes me smile.  It’s taken from the book Fun Stuff Cupcakes and it’s completely darling and would make a fun activity for kids or for a birthday party.

Ideas For A Birthday Cake

2.   Pirate Party Cake – Enlarge the ship template and make two 13” x 9” cakes, so the ship was almost twice the size of the original recipe and enough cake to serve a large group.
3. A Buzz Lightyear cake from Toy Story – Pictured instructions on how to make this amazing Buzz Lightyear cake which is perfect for a rocket, robot, or Toy Story party.
4.  3d Dinosaur Birthday Cake – Printable pictured instructions are available from Instructables.  Two nine-inch round cakes, frosting, decorations, and an unquenchable thirst for adventure are all you need.
5.  Barnyard Cake – I can’t get over how cute the chicks and sheep are!  They would be fun to make for Easter as well.

Birthday Cake Ideas

Birthday Cake Ideas

6. Mini-Marshmallow Angel Food Cake Recipe – A fun way to decorate an Angel food cake with marshmallows.  {so cute}  This would be great for Easter or any birthday party.
7. Number-Themed Birthday Party or Anniversary Cake – Decorate this cake with gradient colored M&M’s, Skittles, or other round candies.
8.  Carousel Cake – Use a  Wilton carousel topper kit and two cakes to create this darling carousel cake perfect for a princess or Zoo party.
9.  The Hungry Caterpillar Cupcake – I just love this cupcake cake idea as well as the fun flag embellishment help by strawberries, too cute.

Rainbow Doodle Cake

10.  Rainbow Doodle Cake – What a fun idea to make a cake and let the birthday kid decorate it with their edible drawings.  They used AmeriColor Food Colour Markers to decorate it.

Super fun Rainbow Birthday Cake Recipe

11.  Super fun Rainbow Birthday Cake Recipe – Don’t be intimidated by the 6 layers or colorful fun, there are fabulous pictured tutorials to walk you through it.

Birthday Cake Design

Birthday Cake Design

12.  Donut Cake – This cake is so easy to make. Just stack up your favorite donuts and top with a candle.
13.  Cookie Crown Cake – Perfect for almost any party theme, this jewel of a cake will make your little princess feel like a birthday queen.
14. {Party Inspiration} Painter’s Palette Cupcakes – Get inspired by these creative Painter’s Palette Cupcakes perfect for an art party.  Check out the paint brush.
15.  M&M and KitKat Cake – This isn’t a recipe or tutorial but I couldn’t help show this fun cake to you.  Perfect for the candy lover.

Ideas For Birthday Cake

How to Make Your Own Cake Stand

16. How to Make Your Own Cake Stand – Make your own pretty cake stand for an even prettier price! Instead of spending a small fortune on cake stands for each little girl, I created these little stands with a few simple items for only a few dollars each. They are super easy and incredibly versatile…the color possibilities are endless!

Dollar Tree Vintage Dessert Stand
17.  Dollar Tree Vintage Dessert Stand – Taller than others I have seen, making room for larger treats 😉 I also left the candlesticks unpainted, giving it a more vintage-inspired look.

B Day Cake Ideas

B Day Cake Ideas

18. Easy Birthday Cake Puzzle – A Mrs. Rosey Posey Yum Yummy Birthday Cake Puzzle cut out layers of cake (complete with pink icing) and all the matching ingredients out of paper.
19.  Cupcakes in Cones + tutorial on making baking pan – Pictured instructions on how to make cupcakes in cones, the baking pan, and how to ice them.
20.  Happy Birthday Cake Made out of Candy bars – A fun cake made of candy bars and assorted candy that are wrapped around Styrofoam rings.

Cupcake Recipe How To

Cupcake Recipe How To

21.  Monkey Cupcakes – Frost the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and used Nilla Wafers for the face and mini Nilla Wafers for the ears. The eyes are made from mini marshmallows.
22.  Beach Cupcakes – Fun and easy cupcakes to decorate with your kids this summer.
23.  Pizza Cake Recipe – Watch your friends do a double take when you dish up this great pizza cake for dessert.
24. Make It Simple Cupcakes – How to make decorating birthday cupcakes delicious and simple at our house.

30th Cake Designs

30th Cake Designs

25.  Fran’s Tea Party Cake – This would be an amazing 30th birthday cake!  The video shows the carving and an idea on the assembly of this cake so you can do it at home.
26.  Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Buttercream Cake with Ganache Drizzle –  Holy smokes not only does this cake look amazing but I’m sure it tastes amazing too.  I love how it looks when cut as well.
27.  Pink Rainbow Cake – A vanilla cake with swiss meringue frosting.  {yummy}  I just adore the little bunting cake topper too, so cute.
28.   30th Cake Designs –  Angel food with whipped topping topped with strawberry, mint, and blueberry,topped with cake sparklers & cupcake flags.

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  1. All such fantastic ideas! The first caterpilla one is so cute! I have made a rainbow cake before with my daughter and she loved it, never thought to get her to decorate with drawings though…great idea! I also love the cake with the kitkats!! That is a serious chocoholics dream!

  2. These are adorable ideas, and you did a great job picking a good range of cakes to fit different age brackets. I am going to try crafting that rainbow cake, it looks awesome.

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