Happy Birthday Paper Doll Set {free printable} by Tip Junkie


Look at this paper doll design just for Tip Junkie’s Birthday! {{LOVE!}}  I’m in love with this little party girl.  She reminds me that my “little girl” {Tip Junkie} is FIVE!  This complete birthday themed Paper Doll Printable Set features adorable party dresses and decorations for the “Little Laurie” paper doll that is perfect for any birthday celebration!

All of the dolls and accessories in this fantastic Paper Doll series are designed by  Tricia-Rennea!  Each month Tricia provides us with an all-in-one EXCLUSIVE that {you} and your little girl is going to love.

paper birthday doll
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Be sure to print out the “Laurie” Paper Doll, the “Leslie” Paper Doll or the “Little Lisha” paper doll to use with this camping set!

If you don’t have a little one and you just want this for yourself, I won’t tell. {smiling}  This new birthday collection Printable Paper Doll  was designed to accompany the Laurie doll, so of course I adore it!  {wink}  How fun is it Tip Junkie gets to celebrate her birthday with a custom  “Laurie” Paper Doll birthday set?

Paper Doll Set Includes:

The Little Laurie Birthday Themed Paper Doll Accessory set includes 3 outfits, a table for all her gifts, the gifts, a fun banner, party hats, and  balloons. As usual, the attention to detail is just what we’d expect from a Tricia Rennea special!  The set includes everything Laurie (or Lisha and Leslie) need to celebrate a birthday!

About the Freebie

Use these  paper doll printables for hours of enjoyment.  Be sure to keep them to reuse again and again!  The Little Laurie Birthday Themed Paper Doll Accessory set includes 3 outfits, a table for all her gifts, the gifts, a fun banner, party hats, and  balloons.  Tricia-Rennea thinks of everything.  Stay tuned because more “sets” and outfits will be coming throughout the year to supplement this already fabulous set.    So, print out the forms, cut out the items and then enjoy! I have a feeling someone is going to get a lot of play time out of these!

About the Designer

tricia-rennea illustratorTricia-Rennea is an illustrator who lives in sunny Southern California with her amazing family.  She creates custom illustrated paper-dolls, stationery items, logos and more, whatever her clients need!  She creates under her own Trillustrations line and Co-Owns the Shy Socialites party and stationery shops with her sister, Barbara.

Blog: Tricia-Rennea Illustrator
Shop:  Shy Socialites
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A HUGE thanks to Tricia-Rennea for creating a second something spectacular for us and being so generous with her talent!  If this has left you wanting more free printables, check out the Tip Junkie Printable site with over 1000 free printables.  {see I told you I was addicted}

The Tip Junkie Paper Doll Collection:

Be sure to let me know if you have a great printable that you’d like to share with fellow Tip Junkies. You can submit it to the Tip Junkie Printables site!  I’d love to feature you! {wink}

happy birthday paper doll
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  1. These are wonderful. I just found your paper dolls and I love them. When I was a child, I adored paper dolls and I still do as an adult. The folding furniture is a great addition to the set. Thanks for making these available.

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