12 Most Popular Birthday Party Themes

The most asked question I’m getting on the Tip Junkie Facebook page right now is about birthday party theme ideas. I love to help readers find the perfect birthday party them for their kiddo.  Therefore, I thought it would be fun to feature the most popular birthday party themes over on the Tip Junkie Party site.


Vintage Barbie Birthday Party

Vintage Barbie Birthday Party – It all started with a creative Barbie cake using an actual barbie doll for the body. The rest was inspired by the black & pink color scheme and vintage silhouette of barbie, which was incorporated in everything from the invites to the decor.

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Birthday Party – This Harry Potter birthday party has all the stops, including the sorting hat, games, a potions class and lots of fun Harry Potter party favors.

Sophisticated Tween Birthday with Spa

Sophisticated Tween Birthday with Spa – The Party had three spa activities; manicure, pedicure, and make-up. I created the facial mixes by crushing fresh strawberries into a paste-like consistency.

Strawberry and Pink Bird Birthday Party

Strawberry and Pink Bird Birthday Party – Suzi created the most adorable dessert table carrying the strawberry and pink theme all the way from invites to cupcakes.

Cupcake Fondue Birthday Party

Cupcake Fondue Birthday Party – Young children can even dip the tops of the cupcakes in with their fingers since the fondue is not hot.  You may need to give the fondue a quick stir every now and then to keep it smooth if you aren’t actively dipping.

Birthday Fruit and Veggie Table

Birthday Fruit and Veggie Table – Esther is a mom and is conscious of what her son eats so she wanted to present fruits & veggies in a fun and stylish way that would appeal to both parents and kids.  I’m loving the watermelon and caprese salads, pumpkin latte shots, and the yogurt parfait shots.

Lego birthday party

Lego Birthday Party – 8 Lego Birthday Parties for all of you who have kids that love these little pieces, they have officially been hooked up with some really cool birthday party ideas.

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

Hello Kitty Birthday Party – I actually have several Hello Kitty birthday parties on Tip Junkie, that theme seems to be very popular.  But here’s a darling one with several fun details.

Pajama Party Theme

pajama party theme

Night Owl Birthday Party – Like the party I had come across, I wanted to make the table into a bed.  I’m limited in both my woodworking skills and tools.  But I can draw.   So armed with white cardboard, black markers and a exacto knife I came up with this.

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party

Star Wars Birthday Party – An over-the-top star wars birthday party complete with food, games, and festive decor.  Here are more Star Wars Birthday Parties as well.  Amazing Star Wars party food ideas16 Star Wars Birthday Parties.

Olivia the Pig Carnival Birthday Party

Olivia the Pig Carnival Birthday Party – This Red & Aqua Oliva Carnival birthday is simply darling. The adorable circus tent cake was made of two layers of white Oreo crumb cake, two layers of chocolate Oreo crumb cake, Oreo cream cheese filling and covered with marshmallow fondant

Pink Birdie Baby Shower

Pink Birdie Baby Shower – This isn’t a birthday party theme but I adore the decor!  The look is sort of shabby chic-modern with a monochromatic color scheme that is soft and feminine.  Paula is so talented and every detail is thoughtful perfection.

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  1. I love all these parties!!! And whats also great is that you can easily mix and match ideas and make your own party! My 5 year old wants a Pinkalicious party for her 6th birthday and I’m already taking ideas for a couple parties I’ve seen and planning on very fun pinkalicious party! Thank you!!

    My daughter had a Doctor Party a few weeks ago that was a total HIT!


  2. I love, love, love posts about parties. This was wonderful! Thank you for all the great ideas and pictures. I shared this post on my Friday Favorites!

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