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Last month I had the honor of attending a blog conference, BlissDom ’11 in Nashville.  It was a little piece of heaven.  Why, you ask?  Well, I was surrounded by 700 of the most talented, friendly, warm, driven, gorgeous, like-minded, and accepting women on the planet!

I know what you’re thinking, “Laurie you’re drinking way too much Diet Coke again and you’re in la la land.  There’s no way you can get 700 women together and have zero drama.”  Well, I can tell you that it’s true!  For me, BlissDom was the happiest place on earth and one big hug-fest.  If I still haven’t convinced you to attend BlissDom, here are my top 10 reasons you should attend a blog conference:

Blog Conference

BlissDom Home Decor BlogsThe Home Decor Bloggers:
Melissa {The Inspired Room}, Allison {House of Hepworths},
Maggie {Gussy Sews}, The Nester, Lorie {Be Different Act Normal},
Marian {Little Miss Mustard Seed}, Lindsey {The Pleated Poppy} and Me.
{photo credit Marian, Little Miss Mustard Seed}

10.  You get to meet all of your favorite bloggers in real life! {{squeal}}  It is exhilarating to see someone with whom you know so much about, have been reading their blogs for months (if not years) and feel such a profound connection with online.

To be able to look into their eyes, hug them, and tell them how much you appreciate them sharing so much of themselves and the impact that they’ve had in your life…  there’s nothing quite like it.  Everyone should have that experience.

Blissdom 2011

{photo from janalynn}

9.  It’s a jump start for your blog. I personally, believe that what you’ll learn at a blog conference is equivalent to what you would learn in a year on your own. Even Dorothy didn’t do it alone! {see above} I’m not kidding, between the sessions and more importantly talking with other bloggers that you connect with is one of the secrets of success in blogging.  Attending a blog conference gives you an advantage fo-sho!

BlissDom michelle branchChris {Celebrations at Home}, Kim {Celebration Shoppe}, Matt Kearney, Michelle Branch,
Courtney {Pizzazzeri}, and Me

8.  Chilin’ with Celebrities. HA!  For some reason my friends and family get such a kick out of who I get to meet when I attend BlissDom.  {{giggle}}  Barbara always hooks us up with insane musical talent.  Here I am with Michelle Branch and Mat Kearney.

My man and I have loved Michelle Branch for music for years!  I think the girls were more excited to meet Mat, but I was stoked to meet Michelle.  She’s so flippin’ talented.

BlissDom 7{Photo from Angie Arthur Photography}

7.  It’s FUN! Blog conferences are not all work – there is a lot of play. Oh my, I absolutely love to dance.  Yes, I can tear it up on the dance floor and on occasion do a little headbanging {{bwaahaa!}}  I know it’s completely silly but dancing is such a fun way for me to blow off stress.  My man doesn’t dance so it’s a fun time for me to groove with the girls.

BlissDom in NashvilleThe Party Bloggers:
Me, Courtney {Pizzazzeri}, Kim {Celebration Shoppe}, Chris {Celebrations at Home},
Amy {Living Locurto} {Photo from Angie Arthur Photography}

6.  You get the inside scoop! The companies and brands that sponsor a social media conference also understand the power that bloggers have in this new media.  Therefore you get the first glance at new products and opportunities to work with brands and companies.  At BlissDom we got a sneek peak at a new TV show called Working Class.

5.  You get to meet new people. The amazing women that you get to rub elbows with and meet in real life is priceless.  Everyone who is attending has the same goals and dreams that you do.  You never know who you’ll meet or run into in the hall.  One minute you’re being silly in the Gain room, and the next Barbara is pulling you into an interview for Nashville’s Channel 5 news!  {{Jenny on the Spot ROCKS!}}

brene brown move a bodyTweet from @livinglocurto Amy Locurto: @angiearthur @tipjunkie @tidymom This is for you… 🙂

4.  Massive inspiration and encouragement. The keynote speaker was Brene Brown who talked about the power of vulnerability.  Holy cow.  It was so powerful and exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment.  Being completely Type-A, it is so hard for me to be vulnerable.  I’m going to work on that.  Because really, “People know the truth when they hear it.” ~ Simon Cowel

BlissDom '11Entrepreneurs: Kelly {According to Kelly}, Me, Allison {Petite Elefant}, Jyl {Mom it Forward}

3.  Collaboration. Earlier I said that BlissDom was one big hug-fest and for me it is!  I get a chance to chill and chat face to face with the women with whom I just adore!  My love language is quality time, so chillin’ in the hallway chatting with blog-stars is such a thrill for me.  We usually cut right to the chase and start talking shop, sharing success secrets, collaborating, and telling each other what we’re doing next.

This is my all time favorite part of any conference ~ hugging my online friends!  Somehow, I never leave a conference without a fun new collaboration or business idea in the works.  I guess that’s just what happens naturally when you get so many like-minded women together.  {{snicker}}

Laurie Turk the Tip Junkie{Photo from Angie Arthur Photography}

2.  It’s the best place to find a mentor and a tribe! I was asked to be one of the Craft/DIY Leaders along with Amy & Marie and it was an amazing experience.  You see, established bloggers LOVE to talk about blogging.  It’s such an intrigal part of our lives and we also love to answer your questions and help you learn what we had to learn on our own.

Attending a blog conference like BlissDom gives you one on one access to the most amazing people who have a wealth of knowledge that they would love to share with  you.  I spent most of my time at BlissDom answering questions and encouraging DIY’ers.  If you have any questions for me, please feel free to leave a comment on this post, or ask it on my facebook fan page.  I’m here to help you ~ that’s what I love to do!

BlissDom 6
The Creative Bloggers:
Amy {Living Locurto}, Jen {Tatertos and Jello} , Bridget {Bake at 350}, Kami {No Biggie}, Me,
Marie {Make and Takes}, Cheryl {Tidy Mom}, Angie {I Heart Faces}, and Mique {30 Handmade Days}
{Photo from Angie Arthur Photography}

1.  And the #1 reason to attend a blog conference is so that you can form your own blog alliance!  I go into great detail as to what a blogging alliance is on this post, but basically it’s people who have  your back and you have theirs.  You collaborate with, support, share ideas and strategies with.  You’re never alone if you have a wonderfully supportive group of women who you can rely on.

Tip Junkie would not be what it is today without my blogging alliances.  It’s true! There’s no way that I could have learned so much, be so driven to solve problems, and stay in this constantly changing industry without amazing women around me!

blissdom at home

Even though BlissDom ’11 was last month, I have some amazing news for you.  {{drum roll}}  The brilliant Barbara and Alli have recorded all the sessions for you!  {{squeal}} Yep, that means you can learn everything that I did right from your home by reading, listening, or watching it online at BlissDom at Home.  Happy learning!

Other Blog Conferences Laurie Has Attended:

Do you have a question about blogging or attending a blog conference? Feel free to share it with us! Simply leave the link to it in the comments or upload a photo to the Tip Junkie Facebook page. I adore hearing from you. {{wink}}

Tip Junkie ~ Laurie Turk

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  1. OK this might sound like a weird question … but I was wondering – would someone like myself still enjoy a conference like this even when I’m just a ‘little’ blogger – I mean most of the pics I see from the conference are all pics of people who I would consider sort of ‘famous’ bloggers. And all of you seem to know each other and know each other’s blogs. I feel like it would be cool to go to one and meet all of you but it would be like I was a little kid meeting their fave celeb for the first time.
    Does that make sense?
    I don’t have a blog that targets a specific interest like photography or decorating or writing – which is fine. I’m totally happy with my blog being about my family and a mix of crafty things, photos, recipes, etc. But I guess I’m wondering if this conference would still be for me when I don’t seem to fit the ‘mold’ like the rest of you.
    What do you think?
    Thanks! ~~Kathy =)

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