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There are so many new bloggers joining us every day.  So today I’m featuring a little something for the new and the experienced, blogging and social media tips.  If you’re left longing for more; you can check out all the Blogging Tips I’ve featured here on Tip Junkie.

Next Monday, I will start our weekly theme Make Over Monday – so submit all of your trash to treasure projects.  {{giddy}}


1.  How to change your blog backgrounds
2.  Remove from your Blog address
3. Add a menu bar to the top of your blog
4. Adjusting your Facebook privacy settings for safety


5. How to connect with bloggers with PR people
6. How to insert the Stumble button into Blogger
7. Twitter Profile Tip: Increase Your Technorati Authority
8.  How to use Flickr

Blogging question from Heather:

“I am currently using blogger & have been notified I am running out of pic space. I wondered if other bloggers have run into this or if you could post helpful tips or info on this. Will I have to pay for extra pic space?”

I talked to Kim and she said that she upgraded her Photobucket account.  Has anyone else had this problem?

Charity: Pay It Forward Fun Run in Idaho Falls, ID

The proceeds from the 2009 Pay It Forward Fun Run will be donated to 2 local families. Both of which are dealing with Leukemia. Evan is a father to 4 cute boys & Jace is a sweet 6 year old, currently at Primary Children’s Hospital.  Contact Christie for more details.


a. TJ Mom-preneur Shops: Panache & Pizzazz Parties
b. EH Mom-preneur Shops: Forever and a Day – Free shipping code:  EH MOM
c. Visit Our Peeps: Deck the Halls with Home of Joy
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e. Executive Homemaker:Follow EH on Facebook

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  1. Comment-Anonymous TidyMom

    I haven’t received a notice from blogger, but I did receive one from Photobucket and I did like Kim did, and paid to upgrade my Photobucket account!

    I have a question – some people have blog rolls on their side bar, they will have the blog name and a picture and a little of the current post or title show up – well when my blog is on these blog rolls, no picture shows up next to mine, only my blog name and title of my most recent post –

    What do I need to do to make my picture ect show up? Here’s an example take a look at this blog under Inspiring Blogs on the right – see how some have pictures? mine is one that doesn’t


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  3. Comment-Anonymous [email protected] Marlie and Me

    thanks for sharing! I’ve bookmarked this!

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  5. Comment-Anonymous Cindi @ Moomette's Magnificents

    Thanks so much for featuring my social media tip #7 Twitter Profile Tip: Increase Your Technorati Authority

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