Blue’s Clues Birthday Party Agenda


Blue’s Clues Birthday Party Agenda

You can use this format for any children TV Show inspired birthday party.  They usually have a birthday party episode, record it (or download it off of Netflix), and then follow the outline.  That’s what I did for this Blue’s Clues Birthday party many years ago.  To this day it’s still one of my favorites because it was so easy to put together since I just followed the cartoon’s outline.

Steve’s House:

I replicated Steve’s house with colored paper from a teacher supply place in front of my front door. See picture for example.

Gathering Games:

1. Get a picture with “Steve” in front of his house. (My mom made Jason’s shirt.)
2. “Sign in” by drawing yourself of a friend of blues on the house. Crayons in basket outside.
3. Paw Print face painting

Tickey Tock – It’s “Time” for the Party!

* Foamtastic black & lt. Blue
* Paper fasteners
* glue stick
* Scissors
* Red marker
* Number stickers
* Dinner plate
* Marker for Numbers

Handy Dandy Notebook

Use this file to print out four sets of covers to make your own notebook for each guest.

EHprint Print Free File: Download

1. printed of computer on yellow & green paper
2. small spiral notebook
3. Jumbo Crayon

How to Make:
1.  Print the notebooks out on red paper.
2.  Cut out the red chairs and past it onto green paper.
3.  Glue them to the front of small notebooks.
4.  Cut three pages of yellow paper and glue them to the first three pages of the notebook. (Your guests will draw the three clues on these pages.)
5.  Add a crayon and you’re set!

3 Clues

* Candle
* Icing
* Cake box

EHprint Print Free File: Download

Pin the Party Hat on Blue

Rules: Have guests color their own party hat to mount on blue. Put name on hat.

* Poster Board of Blue
* Green ribbon (for stripes)
* Light green paper
* Light blue paper
* Blue circles
* Blue swirlies
* Glue
* Stickers

Hat Craft:
Print out the instructions.  Take a crayon or marker and color in some of the hats making different designs.  You might even want to color one all blue with dark blue circles.

Hat Game:
1.  Find a Blue’s Clues poster or paint Blue on a posterboard.
2.  Print out the “Pin Party Hat on Blue” sign and glue it to the top of the posterboard.
3.  Have some type of blindfold ready to play the game.
4.  Use the hats that the children decorated (put their name on them) for the game.
5.  Don’t forget a prize for the winner.

Mailbox: Letter Decorated Smaller T.V.


* Draw a large spiral on a sheet of light blue paper, cut along the spiral and hang from the ceiling. Make dark blue and light spirals, too.

* Create a path of printable paw prints to lead to your party space. If you live in an apartment building, or if it’s a nice day, make a path of paw prints from the outside of your house to the party space.

Prizes for Winners: Clue cookie

EHprint Print Free File: Download

Blue’s Clues Birthday Program:

(Use Blue’s Clue’s Birthday Video Cartoon throughout party)

Gathering Game: Draw on Steve’s House (Take photo of each child)
10:15: Birthday Candle Dance (face painting) (Show Cartoon)
10:25: Make Tickety Tock (“Time for Party”)
10:35: Blue’s Clues Song (Show Cartoon)
10:45: Notebooks: Find 1st Clue: Candle Clue
10:50: Pin party hat on Blue
11:00: Notebooks: Find 2nd Clue: Icing Clue
11:05: Mailbox: Letter Video (Show Cartoon)
11:10: Bingo
11:15: Open Presents
* Have box (decorated w/ Blues Friends) to put presents in & trash sack
* Sing: “Present Time, Present Time open the present to see what’s inside”.)
11:20: Notebooks – Find 3rd Clue: Cake Box (Thinking Chair & (Show Cartoon: “Figured out” Sing Song)
11:25 Cake & Ice-cream (B-day song)
11:35: Gift Bags (to parents) & Clean-up (Show Cartoon: “Now it’s time for so long…”)

Record Video (Cartoon) for T.V.

B-day candle dance
Blue’s Clues song
“Here’s the mail”
“Present Time”
Thinking Chair song (3rd clue)
“Now it’s time for so long…”

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  1. I love your ideas! Thank you…we will be doing my daughter’s 2nd birthday with a Blue’s Clues theme…but I HAVE to ask…how did your mom make the awesome “Steve” shirt? I’ve been trying to find one EVERYWHERE for my husband! Thanks!

  2. Where’d you get the Steve Shirt? What brand and model is it? What size(s) does it come in?

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