8 How To Create A Kids Book Nook Tutorials


Have you always wanted a book nook for your children? Here are several creative tutorials on how to make a kids book nook complete with pictured instructions.  You’ll learn how to turn a kids closet into a cool book nook as well as other do-it-yourself book nook tutorials.

DIY Kids Book Closets

book nook

1. How to Create a Book Nook {before and after} ~If you have a closet that isn’t getting much use, then why not transform it into a reading nook for your kiddo?  This step by step tutorial will show you how to build your own!

Closet Reading Nook

2.  Closet Reading Nook ~ All it took was a weekend for Pretty Handy Girl to transform a transitional closet into a fabulous closet reading nook that I can’t get enough of.  It’s it fantastic?  There’s a full tutorial at her place!

Nook Closet

3.  Nook Closet ~ This closet has the perfect area for the toddler to play with her toys AND read her books. Plus it still functions as her closet {score}.

Book Nook Closet

4.  Book Nook Closet ~ This closet has it all, including clouds on the ground for comfort and grass on the ceiling because it’s not so comfortable for the floor. All a child needs in here are a few books, their imagination and some time!

Book Nook Tutorials

Reading Mattress Tutorial

5.  Reading Mattress Tutorial ~ Calling all sewers!  This tutorial for an easy book nook mattress only took 45 minutes!

Book Nook from Palettes

6.  Book Nook from Palettes ~ Palette furniture is so in right now and this book nook corner is adorable and functional.  Kojo Designs gives a full tutorial for assembling a book nook from palettes so you can do it too!

Book Nook

7.  Book Nook with Safe Shelving ~ If safely is an issue for your book nook, this tutorial is perfect for creating a corner book nook.  The shelves are made from vinyl gutters (they hold up under the weight of books but they bend under the weight of climbing and don’t have sharp corners)!

Reading Nook Tent

8.  Reading Nook Tent ~  I love the idea of a reading nook that is a tent because it just looks so cozy and it looks like it will really appeal to both girls and boys.  The Lawrence girls have provided an amazing tutorial for building a reading nook tent for $25 if you use recycled materials.  {{knuckle bumps}}!!!

More DIY Decorating Ideas

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8 How To Create A Kids Book Nook Tutorials
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  1. great ideas, i wish i had a nook when i was younger. where do you find a spare closet in a house for a nook? and do you have any tips on how to create a nook from scratch? without the use of a closet

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