50 Boys Halloween Costumes to Make


Boys Halloween costumes aren’t just for Halloween but can be used all year long as dress ups and imagination play. Believe it or not my boys still crack me up by spontaneously turning up with a costume on.  {giggle}  Which is why making boys Halloween costumes is time well spent as they’ll be used over and over again.

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I’ve tried to find DIY Halloween Costumes and free patterns for as many Boys Halloween Costumes that I thought you’d enjoy.  If you’re looking for a specific Halloween costumes for boys then leave me a comment and I’ll be happy to find it for you and add it to the costume list.

Boy Costumes

Boys Halloween Costumes

All of these are free patterns and DIY tutorials made by creative moms.  As you know I love to feature creative women and what they make!  {high fives}  If your son hasn’t picked out his costume yet or you’re looking for dress up ideas for his dress up box then here’s a big list of costume ideas he might enjoy.

DIY Halloween Costume Finder Button

If you’re looking for a specific costume then you can click the DIY Costume Finder button above to be taken to the Tip Junkie Halloween Costume Pattern File Box.  There you will find costume ideas listed in alphabetical order with direct links to the pattern to DIY or costume to buy if I couldn’t find a free pattern online.

1.  Airplane Costume ~ This airplane costume makes me zoom with delight!  It’s mostly constructed from cardboard boxes and some basic supplies from the craft store.

2.  Stick Figure Costume ~ This costume cracks me up!  It’s so easy to make too, white clothes, electrical tape, a paper plate, markers and some string is all you need.

Boy Costume

Creative Halloween Costumes

Looking for some super creative Halloween costumes to make for you son?  Here are a few that he might enjoy.

3. Fisherman Easy Costume by creatingreallyawesomefunthings
4. Train ~ How to Make a Cardboard Train Costume by the ophoffs
5. Plane ~ Disney Planes Costume Tutorial by desertchica

Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny Halloween Costumes to DIY

6. Strongman Costume by ohhappyday
7. Rubik’s Cube Costume DIY by deisgn mom

Halloween Accessories

Suspenders Tutorials:

8. Ribbon Suspenders Tutorial by the ribbontretreat
9. How to Sew Fabric Suspenders Pattern by the ribbontretreat
10. Suspenders on Amazon by amazon
11. Elastic Suspender Pattern by simplesimonandco

Historical Costumes

Historical Costume Patterns for Men

Historical costumes include pirates, knights, vikings, and other historical figures.

12. Pirate Costumes:

13. Jester Costumes:

14. Viking Costumes:

Movie Halloween Costume Ideas

Disney Halloween Costume Ideas

Keep scrolling down for TV Show costume ideas.  This section is for Movie characters that our kids love to dress up as.  If you’re looking for superhero costumes for DC Comics or Marvel then keep scrolling as well. {wink}  I put those in their own homemade Halloween costume section.


15. Big Bad Wolf Costume Pattern by freshlycompleted

16. Cinderella ~ Prince Charming Costume Tutorial from Cinderella by makeit-loveit
17. Despicable Me Minion Costume DIY by jdaniel4smom

18. Disney Maui Halloween Costume Using Cricut by seelindsay

19. Fix It Felix Jr Costume from Disney Wreck It Ralph  DIY by seevanessacraft
20. Guardians of the Galaxy DIY Family Costumes by Home Stories from A to Z
21. Mike Wazowski DIY by pampersplay dates parties

22.  “Toothless” Dragon Costume {DIY} ~ Learn how to make an adorable dragon costume from a hooded sweatshirt.  Perfect for keeping them warm while trick-or-treating.

23.  Frozen:

24.  Tangled:

25.  Toy Story:

Professional Halloween Costumes

Professional Halloween Costumes for Boys

Professional Halloween Costumes are so much fun and easy to make because they are uniforms!  Professional Halloween costumes include doctors, nurses, fireman, policeman, and other jobs around town.

26. Doctor Lab Coat No-Sew by eastcoastmommyblog

27. Magician Costume No-Sew by 30minutecrafts

Storybook and Fairy Tale

Storybook and Fairy Tale Halloween Costume Ideas

There are so many great storybook and fairy tale characters that this of DIY Halloween costumes will get long.  This section will include easy Halloween costumes from book characters, nursery rhymes, and fairy tales.

28. Harry Potter Glasses and Ties {free templates} by eastcoastmommyblog

29. Pinocchio Costume by artbyangeli
30. Scarecrow Costume Easy No-Sew by anightowlblog

31. Peter Pan:

32.  DIY Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume ~ It’s off to Neverland! How adorable is this Peter Pan Shadow Costume? It’s a simple no-sew project. A felt Peter Pan hat and tunic are made to accent a black morph suit.

Superhero Costumes

Superhero Costumes for Boys

Kids love Superhero costumes for Halloween.  You can make them from TV Shows, Movies, and Comics or you can do your own version of DIY Halloween Costumes as superheros.  These superhero costumes include DC Comics, Marvel, and DIY superhero costumes that moms have created on their own.

33. No Sew Superhero Costume Tutorial by twindragonflydesign

DC Comics Costumes

DC Comics Halloween Costume Ideas

DC Comics superhero costumes include Batman and all of his characters like Joker the penguin and catwoman.  DC Universe also includes Spiderman and Superman so I’ve included free patterns and DIY tutorials for those superhero costumes as well.

34. Batman Costume

Batman Costume DIY {Simple Halloween Costumes} ~ This is a fun diy batman costume for the little super hero at your house! Recycled from a pair of suit pants, you can create a cape and mask! Yup you read that right, suit pants! Your little man will love his batman costume, which is perfect for halloween or even just to play around in!

35. Joker:

36. Spiderman:

Spiderman Mask Tutorial by handmadebyrianna
Spiderman Costume on Amazon by amazon
Spiderman Costume from Clothes No-sew pattern by fourplusanangel
DIY Spiderman Homecoming Halloween Costume by halloween costumes

37. Superman:

Clark Kent Toddler Costume by waittilyourfathersgethome

Marvel Halloween Costumes

Marvel Halloween Costumes

38.  Captain America

39.  Deadpool

TV Show Halloween Costume Ideas

TV Show Halloween Costume Ideas

My boys usually pick their Halloween costumes from their current favorite movie or their favorite TV show.  So I wanted to make sure I had a TV Show Halloween Costume category for you to choose from.  I’ll keep adding them here as you leave your homemade links in the comments and as I find free patter and DIY ideas.

40. Doctor Dr Who Costume & Tardis Box DIY tutorial by just a little creativity

41. Teenage Ninja Turtle Costume No-sew pattern by crystalandcomp


42. Paw Patrol:

Star Wars Costumes

Star Wars Costumes

43. Darth Vader Costume Tutorial Homemade pattern by diy-projectcrazy

44.  Jedi Costumes:

45. R2D2 Costume with a Bowl and Posterboard Easy pattern by yellowpearphotography

46. Stormtrooper:

Video Game Halloween Costume Ideas

Video Game

My boys love video games and there are so many great ones with cool costumes that you can dress up for Halloween.

47.  Minecraft:

Make Your Own MINECRAFT Costume by just a little creativity

Minecraft Costume {how to} ~ If you have a kid or a gamer in the family who loves Minecraft, how about making them a Steve costume this year? This is an easy, no-sew costume, and it only takes about an hour to make with items you probably already have. So, that also makes it the perfect last minute costume idea. This tutorial will give you step-by-step instructions and photos to help you complete your own.

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50 Boys Halloween Costumes to Make on Tip Junkie

What Did I Miss?

Leave a comment below.   I’d love to know what Halloween costumes you are making or are planning to wear this year.  I also take requests, so if you’re looking for a specific pattern or idea let me know in the comments.  I’ll be happy to find it for you and add it to this list for fellow Tip Junkie’s.

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What’s your favorite costume to make? 

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