Bridal Shower Game {Printable}

Linda explains how to play:

  • before the shower, i had The Bride and The Groom answer the same set of questions. i then picked out 1 of the 2 answers for each question to use in the game. {scroll down to see the questions i used}
  • then at the shower, i passed out to each guest a stache and a tiara on a popsicle stick.
  • i read a question and then told them 1 answer {either the bride or the groom’s answer}.
  • guests indicated whose answer they thought it was by holding up a mustache {to their top lip!} for the groom or a tiara{on their head!} for the bride.
  • for a couple of the questions, the bride and groom answered the exact same. so if guests thought both The Bride and The Groom answered the same, they could hold up both the mustache and the tiara {which i have to say, the ladies looked hilarious doing this!!}

Bridal Shower Game {Printable}
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