Bridal Shower Games

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The file above contains a compilation of fun games that are not your typical bridal shower games.

1.  Video Greeting Card:

Set up a video camera, ready to record, in a quieter room of the house or shower location.

Instruct each of the guests to sit in a designated chair with the camera already focused on that particular spot.

When the guest is ready, she (or he) can push the “record” button (or have someone else push it) and record a personal “video greeting” for the bride, giving advice, wishing her well, etc.

When finished, they just stop the recording and leave it for the next guest.

The host can then give the video to the bride for a keepsake. (The newer video cameras usually come with remote controls, so the guest can “record” from the “hot seat!

2.  Wedding Night Talk

Wedding Night Talk Have someone write down the phrases that the bride to be says when she opens the gifts. Then after the gifts are opened say, “here is what she will say on her wedding night”. Read the phrases back and some will be hilarious!

3.   What’s In the Bag (Version 1)

Have a friend of yours that no one from the shower would know, walk into the house in a hurry. Have her frantically apologize for being late and mumbling the reason she is there (like she’s ready to babysit your kids). Have her clumsily bump into something and have all the contents of her purse fall out.

Hopefully, people from the shower will volunteer to help her clean up. Your guest then realizes that she’s at the wrong house and doesn’t know anyone here and leaves. Once she is gone, pass out paper and pens and have your guests fill out the items that were in her purse. It’s a great and exciting twist on the game! No one expects it which makes it more fun.

What’s In the Bag (Version 2)

Before hand, have the host of the bridal shower make up a list of items that any women would have in her purse. Such as lip stick, cell phone, pens, pictures of family, etc. Assign each item a point value. The person with the most points wins the game.

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