How to Guide: Make Your Own Buttons


Today is a fun how to guide on how to make buttons and then use them to make button crafts.  Here are 12 really fun tutorials on what to do with your out of control button stash! {{wink}}  Enjoy!


Make Your Own Buttons

1. How to make penny buttons – Using a Doming Block you can make penny’s into buttons.
2. Potato Print Hair Accessories – This is a really easy tutorial to do with the little ones using cover buttons and hair accessories, like bobby pins, elastics etc.
3. How To Make Jute Rosette Buttons – There are so many ways to use them like embellishments on pillows, embellishments on lampshades, in place of buttons on a tufted headboard.
4. Make your own buttons – How to make a glass bauble into a button.

Make Buttons into Rings

Make Buttons into Rings

5. Bundle of Buttons Ring – How to make beautiful buttons to create a whimsical ring.
6. Layered Button Ring – This button ring is so simple to make. If you want to make one of your own you will be done in minutes!
7. DIY Button Ring Charm – I just love how she used wire to make a little dangle charm ring.
8. How to make vintage button rings – A tutorial on how to make wire wrapped rings using a vintage button.

Make Buttons

Make Buttons into Accessories

9. Layered Button Necklace – A tutorial on how to use wire to layer buttons into a cool necklace.
10. Make a Button Bracelet – A Fun Way to Recycle Buttons and make buttons into a bracelet.
11. Button Monogram Pillow – I love how these buttons are layered on the monogram using all the same color buttons.
12. Monogram Button Frame – Use buttons to make quick and easy DIY home decor.

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