Irresistible Cake Push-Ups {recipe how to}


Holy smokes!  Take a look at these gorgeous Cake Push-Ups what a yummy dessert!  These yummy cake push-ups are an irresistible
dessert recipe that can be made for any occasion or party and makes an impressive display.

Recipe How To

Cake Push-Ups Recipe How To


Basically, a very smart person (I don’t know who you are!) figured out that Push-Ups are not just great to use with ice cream—but with cake too!

You can see that I experimented with lots of different flavor combination’s!  The cake push ups do have lids, and so if you need to travel with them, you can attach the lids and do your final toppers before party time!  All in all, this little novelty is a lot of fun.

These remind me of miniature truffle dishes with several fun possibilities of dessert recipes and combinations.  Wouldn’t these be great at a dessert bar where guests could add their own toppings.  {{squeal}}

Where To Buy Cake Push-Ups:

Are you wondering where to purchase the Cake Push-Ups?  Me too!  I found out that you can purchase the Cake Push-Ups on JB Prince.  You can also buy mini cake push ups from Wassertrom.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    I couldn’t find them on the site–do you have a product # or direct link?

  2. Wow, those look incredible. That is awesome and will definitely be sharing this idea with some close friends. Such a great site you have here with amazing ideas that i couldnt even complete in a years time!

  3. OMG!!!! These are adorable! I make cake balls and cake pops but LUV these. Will be making soon. Thanks so much for sharing.

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