Holiday Greetings Tips and Tricks


Hey Ladies! Today’s sponsored post is from, who is giving us some fabulous tips on making your own holiday card and giving Tip Junkie readers an exclusive discount.  See below for all the details.

Everybody loves opening the mailbox to find holiday greeting cards from friends and family, but the process of addressing a stack of envelopes and licking stamps is never fun. However, the annual tradition doesnÂ’t have to cause hand cramps and permanent ink stains. Here are some tips from Photo Cards website to help you choose the perfect card to fit your style, organize your mailing list and send off your holiday cards as painlessly as possible.

1.     Do your research – Browsing for cards online is now easier than ever with sites like, so take the time to find the card that works best for you and your family, all in the comfort of your PJs and living room.


2.     Planning to make your own card? – Keep it personal. With photos, zoom in on your subjects so there isn’t too much extra white space. Try to use natural light if possible and take a mix of candid and posed shots. Keep your outfits simple and vary your photo angle to give you lots of options when it comes time to edit and finalize your card.

3.     Build a contact list and keep it current – Don’t wait until December to start tracking down all of your family and friends’ new addresses. Keep a list online of all updated addresses. Then when the time comes to send out your cards, you can print them directly onto address labels. If you decide to use for your greetings, you can easily import your addresses and let them do it for you!

4.     Keep it informal – If possible, always personalize your cards with a short note, even if it’s just a few words. A recent survey showed that 42% of Americans consider holiday cards long-term keepsakes, so make sure you’ve given each card a small personal touch.

5.     Too little time to put together cards this year? –  Create custom gift tags, either on your own, or using Cardtore’s DIY Photo Product.


6.     Choose New Year’s cards! – December isn’t the only time to send holiday cards and most family and friends will be happy to hear from you no matter when your card arrives. If you can’t find the time this month, loved ones will absolutely appreciate beautiful New Years cards and greetings.

To make the holidays a little more affordable for everyone, is offering Tip Junkie readers a 15% discount on all cards through 12/31/09. To receive the discount, just enter code SURVEY15 at checkout. will even address and mail your cards for just the cost of a stamp!


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    Have I thanked you lately for all the great ideas that you showcase? So nice to have them in one place, too-YOUR BLOG!

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    Thanks for the great tips! I love getting and giving Christmas cards that are personalized with pictures!

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    Great tips! Thanks.

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