12 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks


How to make homemade remedies for carpet cleaning. If you are tired of buying cleaners or are more interested in making your own with more natural ingredients, then these cleaners are right up your alley. Not only are these recipes more natural, they’ll save you money in the long run.

How to make homemade carpet cleaner recipes with these ideas which include steam cleaner solution, stain remover, carpet deodorizer and so much more!

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Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Stain-buster solution recipes to get those unwanted stains out of your carpets by Real Simple.

Wondering How to Clean Your Own Carpets? Clean Mama shares her tips and tricks to deep clean your carpet yourself so you don’t have to hire a professional.

Simply Stacie shares her Carpet Cleaning Hacks to remove spills, smells and how to deal with stains and wearing.

Want to know the trick to remove stubborn carpet stains? The Creek Line House shares her DIY Cleaner for Carpet Stains. It’s tried and true!

This homemade Carpet Cleaner Solution by Root + Revel works really well.  It’’s easy to make, works quickly, and does not leave a lingering odor.

Wondering How to Get Crayon Out of Carpet? FoyTales shows us how is in tutorial! Here’s a hint: heat.

Carpet Cleaner

Carpet Cleaner

Freshen carpets and even kill fleas with this easy Homemade Carpet Freshener by Crystal & Co.  Just shake on the carpet, let it sit and then vacuum.

Hydrogen peroxide and essential oils makes a terrific carpet cleaner by Kids Activities Blog.  The post shows you how to spray on solution and use a scrub brush to beautifully clean your carpet stains.

This Homemade Carpet Cleaning Recipe by Chase and More works really well.  It’’s easy to make, works quickly, and does not leave a lingering odor.

Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Are you sick of your carpet odor? Get it to smell fresh and nice again the easy, natural, homemade way. The Seaman Mom shows you how to remove carpet odor without an expensive deodorizer!

To maintain carpet and keep it fluffy This Fresh Fossil shares their easy tip. Hint…try using a Carpet Rake!

This Homemade Natural Carpet Cleaner recipe by One Good Thing by Jillee which mixes vinegar, baking soda and essential oils is perfect for using with a carpet cleaning machine.

12 DIY Carpet Cleaning Tips & Tricks

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