25 Gorgeous Chair Covers and Festive Chair Backs To Make

Right now I am addicted to decorative chair backs!  Chair backers are an easy way to quickly and frugally completely change the look of a room or decorate for a holiday or wedding.  So here are 26 gorgeous chair covers and festive chair backs to make for your home.

** Please note that some of these chair covers are not tutorials.  There was so much inspiration and very little free patterns.  So I added a few chair backs that you can purchase and a few photo just for inspiration to show the versatility and the beauty that can be created with a simple chair cover.

Chair Backers

Chair back - ruffled

1.  Ruffle Back Chair Backers Tutorial ~ This adorable ruffled chair backer FUL tutorial requires NO SEWING.  That’s right.  No sewing.

Shabby Chic Chair Back

2.  Shabby Chic Chairbackers ~ A simple wreath with a white satin bow to the back transforms this chair from common to so much more!

Chic Buckle Chairbakers

3.  Chic Buckle Chairbakers ~ This tutorial for chair backs is fabulous.  I love how they’ve used purse buckles, a few yards of material, and some spray paint to make chair backs that are oh. so. chic!

Burlap Chair backs

4. Vintage lil garden chairs ~ A simple burlap was stitched to fit the chair backs, and then hand-painted with “No. 5” in black to make these great chair backs for under $7.00!

5.  Design Your Own Chair Cover ~ Take artist canvas and cut a scallop edge. Then hand painted a simple design using acrylic paints. Punching grommet holes in each corner makes it easy to attach to the chair using pretty ribbon!

6.  Paper Scalloped Chair Covers ~ Trace a scallop-edged cake display board onto heavy-weight cream-colored paper. Cut and spray glue paper to board.  Use for any occasion or just for fun.

Chalkboard Chair Backers

7.  Chalkboard Chair Backers ~ These chalkboard chair backs are a fun way to write name “cards”.

8.  Homework Storage Chair backs ~ Have your children’s homework supplies available at their fingertips with these fantastic storage chair backs.  Using a plain tote bag, stencil on their initial, remove the handles and add pretty ribbon to secure it to the chair.

9.  Make A Felt Crown Birthday Chair Slipcover ~ What a fabulous way to make the birthday child feel very important and special!  This simple felt slipcover is definitely fit for a king or queen.

Crown Birthday Chair Covers

10.  Crown Birthday Chair Covers ~ This isn’t a free pattern but I couldn’t help but show you what a fun chair backer and party decor these crowns are from Trendy Tree.

Holiday Chairback

Valentine Chairback Tutorial {printable file}

11. Valentine Chairback Tutorial {printable file} ~ Look at how adorable these heart chairbacks are!  The perfect place to store Valentine love notes.  Follow this detailed step by step tutorial to create your own.

12.  Easter Chic Placemat Pouch Chairbackers ~ Who needs an Easter basket when you can use this adorable chic pouch!  It’s made from an outdated placemat with the addition of straps.

13.  Halloween Ghost Chair Cover ~ This felt slip cover is the perfect backdrop for any season.  You can use repositionable glue on the shapes and switch them out for each season or holiday.  There’s even a free template for the ghost.

14.  Halloween Frankenstein Chair Cover ~ Put these funky Frankenstein chair covers on your porch chairs to greet the little trick-or-treaters for Halloween.

15.  Thanksgiving Turkey Chair Back ~ Gobble gobble!  These festive turkey chair backs would be adorable at the children’s table.

Christmas Chair Covers

16.  Adorable chair covers with pockets ~ This isn’t a free pattern but it’s such a fun idea and would make any Christmas party beautiful.

17.  How to make Snowman Chair Covers ~ The simple additions of the scarf and hat make this snowman positively adorable.  It uses the same felt backdrop as the Halloween Ghost chair.  The snowman template is included.

Garland Chairbackers

Ruffle Garland Chair Back

18.  Ruffle Garland Chair Back ~ Add a feminine touch to your dining area with these beautiful ruffled garland chair backs.  Minimal sewing skills are required.

19.   Chair Back Fabric Flower Garlands ~ I adore this beautiful flower garland chair back.  They would be the perfect companion to a wedding, birthday, or Mother’s Day.  If you don’t already know how to make the silk flowers there’s a tutorial to follow.

Toilet Paper Snowflake chair back Tutorial

20.  Toilet Paper Snowflake Tutorial ~ It’s hard to believe that toilet paper could be used for crafting purposes and look so pretty!  If you have a roll of cheap toilet paper and a serrated kitchen knife then you are ready.

Party Chair Covers

21.  Pool Party Sea Creature Covers ~ Quickly dress-up your chair backs by tying tulle around these sea creatures.  Very simple!

Wedding Chiavari Covers

22.  How to Make Satin Bow Chair Backs ~ These satin chair backs are beautiful with the double bow effect.  Satin is a great fabric to make these bows because of it’s shimmery nature and it is easy to manipulate.

Wedding Chiavari Covers

23.  Chiavari Arielle Chair Back ~ Just two pieces of sheer pink sewn together and slipped over the back with long lines of circle ruffles (which you can buy precut) knotted at the bottom of the sheer fabric and hanging down.

24.  Champagne Colored Chiavari Covers ~ There isn’t a tutorial for this chair backer, but I wanted to show you how pretty it looks with the addition of a brooch.

25. Ballerina Chiavari Chair Cover ~ Sadly, this is not a tutorial on how to make, but I couldn’t help not showing you how fun this ballerina Chiavari chair cover is.

More Decorating Tutorials

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  1. Love the chair covers I have created a pin board over them I especially love the french linen look and the flower garland- also the clip boards are fabulous I can see secret pal gifts and just for friends decorate to suit their personality. Tried to find the before and after tutorials and the page seems to not exist

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