16 Chocolate Truffle Recipes {Chocolates}


How to make chocolate truffles that are decadent and so yummy! And, they’re easier to make than you think! Here are 16 of the yummiest chocolates recipes to make for dessert, dinner parties, and homemade gifts.

These chocolate recipes include caramel filled chocolates, mallo cups, turtles, nutella truffles, baileys truffles, chocolate ganache truffles, polar bear paws and more!


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1. Caramel Filled Chocolates {Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen} ~ These decadent caramel filled chocolates are surprisingly simple! You can make them from just 2 ingredients!

2. Homemade Gourmet Chocolate {Cake Whiz} ~ Delicious and easy recipe to whip up for a yummy all occasion edible gift. Friends, family, neighbors and party guests will all love this yummy treat!

3. Homemade Mallo Cups {How Sweet It Is} ~ Have you ever made your own chocolates? They are wonderfully easy to make and so impressive to serve or give as a gift. If you can microwave ingredients together, you can make mallo cups. Yes! In this recipe, milk chocolate and marshmallow fluff pair together perfectly.

4. Chocolate Caramels {Butter with a Side of Bread} ~ If you’’re looking for a delicious and easy chocolate caramel recipe, you are officially hooked up!

5.  Homemade Turtles {Averie Cooks} ~ These homemade turtles look absolutely divine! Peans topped with caramel and chocolate. Mmmm!

6. Salted Caramel Cups {Crumb Kitchen} ~ Easy salted caramel cups using semi-sweet chocolate, whipping cream and corn syrup.

7. Naked Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups {Real Simple} ~ Do you love dark chocolate? These are 3 ingredient peanut butter cups. So easy even your husband can make them for Mother’s Day 😂 Because they taste better when you don’t make them yourself! View them on the Tip Junkie Instagram page, too!



7.  Classic Chocolate Truffles {Big Girl Small Kitchen} ~ Chocolate truffles are one of the most decadent treats around, but they are actually very simple to make.  Impress Mom with these handmade special treats.

8. Dark Chocolate Ganache Truffles {Sweetest Menu} ~ Easy, decadent & delicious 3 Ingredient chocolate truffles – great for gifting or indulging!

9. No-Bake Tiramisu Truffles {If You Give a Blonde a Kitchen} ~ Enjoy the popular Italian dessert in just about 5 minutes with this easy and simple no-bake recipe.  It contains all of the flavor you’ll find in Tiramisu like mascarpone cheese, coffee, cocoa and lady fingers.

10. Homemade Baileys Truffles {Sugar Apron} ~ These delicious Baileys truffles are made from just 4 ingredients!  Perfect to serve at a party, give as party favors, or in a little basket or goodie bag as a thank you gift.

11. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles {Cakes Cottage} ~ This Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough truffle is egg-free.  And, a very sinful treat!  We all deserve a treat, right?!

12. Nutella Truffles {Deliciously Yum} ~ If you are a chocoholic you are going to love these nutella truffles! It’s chocolate and more chocolate.

White Chocolate

White Chocolate

13. Cookies and Cream White Chocolate Candy Cups {Kirbie’s Cravings} ~ These cookies and cream cups with white chocolate are bursting with flavor. They are made with a oreo’s, cream cheese and white chocolate.

14. White Chocolate Coconut Candy {Let the Baking Begin} ~ Just like a Raffaello, but even better, you know the ingredients are pure and simple without unwanted additives and excessive bad sugars.  They are made with unsweetened coconut and white chocolate and can be highly addictive! {snicker}

15. White Chocolate Caramel Cashew Clusters {Sally’s Baking Addiction} ~ A mix of cashews, white chocolate, and caramel all add up to the perfect bite. Try these delicious truffles at your next party or for a fun weekday treat.

16. Polar Bear Paws {Garnish and Glaze} ~ White chocolate coated salty roasted peanuts and soft caramel. The perfect combination.

16 Chocolate Truffle Recipes {Chocolates}

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Chocolate Truffle Recipes {Chocolates}
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