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These chopstick covers will look great on your next Asian-themed or Oriental party. Or if you’re simply having an oriental lunch such as mine and you want to bring more life into your meal, then I suggest you print this one out and start getting creative.

chopstick cover color it yourself

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The file above already has a design on the template and you simply have to color it in using any coloring medium of your choice. I used crayons for this cover and it turned out pretty cute!

chopstick cover design it yourself

This version of the chopsticks cover is totally handmade. The file above contains a blank template where you can have total freedom over the design. Since I was into clouds today, I carved a cute smiling cloud on a small eraser and stamped it on the whole template. One can easily draw the raindrops and the rainbow swooshes and color the whole thing. Oh, I also used a peach colored multi-purpose paper.

Here’s a short how-to make:

1. Print the file on A4 size paper. If your paper has designs already printed on them (like scrapbook paper and such), then the Design-It-Yourself version will work very well with it.

2. Cut out template and fold in the middle. Use the dashes as your folding guide.

3. Color it in or start designing! Don’t limit yourself by drawing freehand. You can use stickers or other trinkets to decorate and embellish your chopsticks covers.

chopstick cover

4. Glue the open sides except for the top one where you’ll slip the chopsticks in.

You can almost see your food smile because of these creative chopstick covers. See for yourself!

Have fun making and designing your chopsticks covers!

About the Executive Homemaker:

I’m Issa and I am a firm believer of using creativity in our everyday lives. I am not married (yet!) nor do I have kids whom I use my craft for but I am child inside (woohoo!) and whatever I do simply reflects my zest for creating and making things.

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