Chore Charts


I’ve had a few requests for some amazing chore charts! I’ve blogged about a couple already, but it’s worth it’s own post. So here goes!

Here’s what I do at home:

This is a weekly schedule that is fun with a ticket system which can be redeemed for store items or activity rewards. Tickets are given as rewards for chores and good behaviors. Tickets are taken away as consequences. The store contains items to purchase as well as fun activities to do.

Click here to print out and view the entire chore chart system on Tip Junkie Printables

Here’s the most beautiful Chore Pockets and Chore Tickets from Balancing Everything

Here’s Jodi’s funky chore chart.

Many’s Noah’s arc chore chart is such a great idea for little ones!

Casual Keystrokes made this chore chart using her kids pictures. This is a great idea for kids who are more visual learners.

Here’s Melanie’s version of a chore chart for her 5 year old.

Tamra made a star sticker version.

Here’s the Cat ‘n Craft Room’s magnetic chore chart.

Here’s a spin on the Family Home Evening chart – use it as a chore chart like The Shabby Spot.

Jeani made her chore chart out of a magnet board. Fabulous and functional!

Jennifer’s chore chart is so beautiful!

Shannon made her chore chart with vinyl and a magnetic strip.

Ines’ chore chart is easy!

Lastly, if you don’t want to make a fabulous job system yourself, you can purchase one from the Creative Homemakers blog.

Happy organizing and getting those to pull their fair share!


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  1. so many fun ideas to use..Here is another idea: Use punchcards-the kids get to pick out their own holepunch and get their card punched each time they do a chore or do something special…after 20 punches they get a reward- a friend over, movie rental, $1 store item..etc.

  2. Oh goodness. I just came across your blog and believe that I feel an addiction coming on. WONDERFUL ideas!

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