Christmas Cash Envelope {printable}


Today’s FREEBIE is an envelope that was created specifically to help you keep on track with your Christmas spending.

There are lots of possibilities for this little Christmas Cash Envelopes set.  I plan on putting the initials for each of my boys on the tabs and slipping our budgeted amount into each of their envelopes.  I’ll do the same for my husband, and then have one envelope that is just for Christmas supplies like wrapping paper and tape.  The other envelope will be for random expenses like admission to an event or charity giving.

The cool thing is that I have been setting aside money in our “gift” category in savings all year long!  I’ll just withdraw some of that cash, put it into the envelopes and have it with me if I come across a big sale.  (Don’t freak out, though!  It’s not THAT much money!  LOL!)

PLUS, I can fit these envelopes right behind the cash envelopes that I use to keep track of my regular monthly budget.  Awesome!!

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