Christmas in July

My amazingly talented friend Mique is having Christmas in July over on her 30 Handmade Days blog.

She’ll be spotlighting all kinds of homemade items and tutorials that would make thoughtful Christmas gifts this year. Start planning and enjoy!

Day 1: Travel

Day 2: Totes

Day 4: Embroidery

Day 5: Paper Crafts

Thanks so much Mique for putting all of this together! We love it!


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  1. How can one person be so talented?? I’ve come across her blog some where before but forgot about it, so thanks!!

  2. I love the bags for the car. I HATE a messy car and with a husband and one year old… messy is all I have to work with. Thanks for the link to such great ideas!!!

  3. Yeah! Thanks for the nod Laurie! I’m glad you are enjoying the tutorials. Any suggestions? I have lots of lists but you are the queen of projects so I’m curious what you would like to see………

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