Christmas Scripture Tradition {printable}


Christmas Scripture Tradition {printable}

Beginning on the first day of December, read one scripture a day with your family.  Consider  using your family’s talents by adding special musical numbers and singing together.


  1. Great idea! Reading will both bring the family together and bring back the old spirit of Christmas that seems to be fading away in this century. Truly heart-warming.

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  3. Comment-Anonymous ddbydeb

    Love this idea and will be using it Thank You

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  5. Comment-Anonymous Pam in NC

    Thank you!! I am striving to make all of out Christmas gifts this year, and would like to make advent calendars for our 12 grandchildren….and this could be an inexpensive way to achieve this! I’ll have them done for Thanksgiving and send off a suprise early gift for Christmas….thank you again!


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  7. Mollie Purcell Mollie Purcell

    Every time I click on it it takes me to a page that talks about printables but I can’t ever get to the printable of this! Help!!!

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  9. Ally Sorensen Ally Sorensen

    I am having the same problem! I click on printables, but it doesn’t go to it! Frustrating… Please help!

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