18 Christmas Stocking Templates {how to}


Every year as I decorate for Christmas, I tell myself that next year I’m going to make my family some kick-butt Christmas stockings and finally buy some fun hangers. Yeah, I’ve had kids for 10 years now and it still hasn’t happened. Maybe next year? {{giggle}}

So to get us all inspired and motivated to have fabulous catalog mantles; today for Teach Me Thursday I’m going to hook you up with lots of fun Christmas stocking tutorials and ideas. Hopefully you’ll find one you like to make next year. {{wink}}

Sparkly, Happy, No Sew, Christmas Stocking from A Fanciful Twist.

Sweater Stockings Tutorial

I thought these expandable stockings with zippers were too funny! My boys would love them.

How to Make a Christmas Stocking from Recycled Wool Sweaters.

I found tutorials for the Elf, Bare Foot, and Fancy Boot stockings at Write from Karen.

Denim Stocking tutorial from Just Kat Stuff.

Jingle Bell Socking Tutorial

Rickrack Stockings Tutorial – Embellished with embellished with zigzags or blooms.

Keepsake Stocking Tutorial – Every year, add a new felt shape representing some favorite memory or object that your little one loves.

Modern Socking – Made with aluminum window screening so it’s see through. Fun idea.

Molly’s Place made this cowboy stocking for her grandson. My boys would LOVE this.

These silver stockings are beautiful!

I’m loving Tigan’s snowflake stockings she made.

I found this beauty made by NutMeg Designs.

Avi’s Elf Style Socking

Vintage Stocking

High heeled Boot Stockings

Patchwork w/ Pompoms

I also came across these paper stockings over on Funky Phresh, which I thought were pretty great.

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If you have amazing Christmas stockings, be sure to include pictures of them in your Virtual Tour of Homes – Holiday Addition post which will start Monday. Get your posts ready!


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  1. It would be so hard to decide what to make from all of these cool choices! I’m glad my family stuck w/ one stocking for our entire lives. No decisions to make!

  2. Avi’s Elf Style stocking is adorable! So much personality in that one!

  3. I love the purple fancy boot and the cowboy boot. And I’m obsessed with Fanciful Twist’s take – on just about everything, actually!

  4. I love the sparkly no sew stocking & the pink glittery house and tree on the mantel in the first picture!

    The ones made out of screen are great!

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