11 Christmas Traditions


I realize I’m a little late in featuring this years Christmas Traditions. So sorry! Dealing with my back problems has made things very difficult this holiday season. At least you can print this post and put it in your Christmas Planner for next year. {{wink}}

Jennifer makes Santa & Snowman pancakes as a Christmas Eve breakfast. {{yummy}}

Photo by Michelle

Adrian submitted her tradition: a gift scavenger hunt.

“My kids love for us to hide one of their presents and then they get to search for it. I have two special ornaments I have made for our two sons that hang on our tree. They are needle-pointed and shaped like tiny mailboxes. I put a note in each mailbox that leads them to the first clue and then I put a string of clues written on Post-It Notes all around the house.

Naturally, I take great delight in spacing the clues as far apart and sending them to as many funny places as possible! It’s hilarious to see the kids running back and forth all around the house, bumping into each other in their excitement. Best of all, it allows me to take large gifts like bikes or snowboards that would be too difficult to wrap and hide them in a closet or storage area where they aren’t likely to be found.”

Melissa’s family was Star’d! It’s like being “Boo’d” or receiving a “Phantom” at Halloween, where you leave some goodies on someones doorstep and run. Then it’s your turn to “boo” someone else. Be sure to leave the Star sign out front so it doesn’t happen again.

Kristy from 2 Clever Blog gets a nativity set and wraps up each piece individually. Either in burlap or brown paper tied with big gold ribbon. We then pick one family to anonymously deliver each piece for the 12 nights before Christmas.

This is such a wonderful tradition. You can also make add a story to each Nativity piece to make it even more spiritual. Print them out from Executive Homemaker.

Skip To My Lou has a family tradition of friends come over IN THEIR PAJAMAS to read Christmas stories.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I want Grandma Shelley to be MY Grandma”. She’s fabulous and totally someone I want to be when I grow up. Her latest Grandma-of-the-Year activity is her Christmas Day Camp with the grandkids.

She details her events in several posts so you’ll have read several to see what activities she does to help prepare the grandkids for holiday festivities.

Alayna has a fun Christmas tradition of the magic elves, Tinsel and Twinkle.

Jennifer’s tradition is that during Christmas time a elf door appears by our front door. It is a direct link to the elves at the north pole (according to my 8 year old). Santa’s elves are everywhere watching to see if you are naughty or nice.

Several of my friends have this Elf on the Shelf. His sole responsibility was to watch children’s behavior and report it to “Santa” each night. The next morning after the children awoke, they discovered the elf had returned from the “North Pole” and was hiding in a different place.

Jessica submitted her Daily December Album. A mini scrapbook that you make ahead of the holidays so that every day in December you can take a picture, journal about the season.

Heather has a couple fun traditions. One is that she makes homemade picture ornaments every year of her girls. The other little one is that each of her girls have their own special Christmas boxes that contain their own ornaments, Santa hats, and other special holiday decorations.

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  1. I LOVE this list of ideas – I never visit your blog without being inspired in some way.

    Merry Christmas from N Ireland.

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