22 Christmas Tree Themes To Make


Christmas Tree Themes!  These cool tree themes will delight your family and these tutorials for how to make a Christmas tree that are unique and show off your families personality are fabulous.  These tree themes include yarn bombing, wrapping paper, burlap, felt, thumb tacks, glitter, feathers, ribbon, mercury glass and printable tress.

Christmas Tree Themes To Make

There are 250 tree crafts over on the Tip Junkie Creative Community if you’re looking how to make even more three themes with great instructions.

As always, the Tip Junkie Christmas Site has over a THOUSAND pictured tutorials with free patterns so you can always search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}

Christmas Tree

1.  Wrapping Paper Ornaments Christmas Tree ~ Decorate a stunning glittery Christmas tree with handmade wrapping paper ornaments. Glitter wrapping paper will add amazing sparkle to your tree with little effort and not much cost!

Yarn Bombed Christmas Tree

2.  Yarn Bombing ~ Use a few balls of yarn to add pizzazz to anything in your house! These instructions show you how to make a yarn bomb Christmas tree. It’s the perfect addition to some wacky winter home decorating.

Christmas Trees

3.  DIY Christmas Trees ~ This post features fun to make and super stylish to display handmade trees!  Made easy with this great tutorial.

Christmas tree Themes

4.  Shabby Chic Christmas Tree {Christmas Tree Themes} ~ This is a simple yet beautiful small Christmas tree idea! With while, silver and aqua as the primary colors the overall feel is shabby chic! Great for small spaces!

5.  DIY Christmas Trees ~ Make your own exquisite Christmas trees from poster size card board, glue, glitter, beads and feathers. They’re so easy and inexpensive to make you can have a whole village of trees.

Oh Christmas Tree

6.  Thumbtack Christmas Tree ~ Aren’t these gorgeous silver Christmas trees?  Guess what they are made of?  Just two items, thumbtacks and styrofoam.  These trees would look spectacular with garland around them or even spray painted a different color.

Homemade Christmas Tree

7.  Red Carnation Christmas Tree ~ Create a stunning and long lasting holiday center piece using fresh carnations, and wet flower foam. Add other small flowers like little mums for ornaments. Add some bling with glitter.

Tree Craft

8.  Glitter Tree Ribbon Tutorial ~ It’s never too early to start your Christmas crafting projects.  These glitter ribbon trees are darling and so simple to make.  The only adhesive you will need is your handy dandy hot glue gun!  Wrap glittered ribbon around a styrofoam cone and glue the ends.  You can use a metallic painted wood candlestick for the tree base.

9.  Felt Shingle Tree ~ Create a cute Christmas tree for your mantel using a foam cone, felt and pins. Perfect craft for nap time.

10.  DIY Mercury Glass Trees ~ Learn how to make your very own DIY Mercury Glass Trees – great for this year’s holiday decor! Can you believe that Christmas time is upon us? It’s time to deck those halls! And this season I’m still in love with all of the mercury glass I’m seeing in designer stores. But in order to save a few bucks, you know I like to DIY!

Christmas Tree Craft

11.  Burlap Christmas Trees {Christmas Crafts} ~ Here is a simple Christmas craft that looks fabulous! Burlap is so trendy and why wouldn’t it be it goes with everything! Gather your supplies and follow this great tutorial to make your own set!

Christmas Tree Crafts

12.  Driftwood Christmas Tree Decor {Christmas DIY} ~ Using drift wood you can create a piece of Christmas decor perfect for a beachy themed home or just to remind you of the warm sunny days you had the past summer! Simple to create with this great tutorial and will add a unique touch to your holiday decor!

DIY Christmas Tree

13.  Scrap Wood Christmas Tree Decor {DIY Christmas} ~ This is a great idea for a DIY Christmas project to help decorate for the holidays! Using scrap wood and this great tutorial you can create a shabby chic piece of decor that is both inexpensive and beautiful! Perfect to display inside or outside!

Paper Christmas Trees

14.  Book Page Christmas Trees ~ This is one of my favorite projects. I will warn you, it is not a quick project but it is easy and cute. I made these three years ago and with proper storage they are still holding up really well- I put them out every holiday season! It’s literally made up of a styrofoam cone, book pages and straight pins.

DIY Christmas Tree
15.  How to Make a Magazine Christmas Tree {Christmas DIY Decor} ~ Looking for a way to recycle all those magazines and catalogs you get in the mail? With this tutorial you’ll learn how to make super stylish Christmas tree decor, out of all those unwanted magazines! A great project made easy with the help of this step by step tutorial. Perfect to display on your mantel, table or practically anywhere you want beautiful holiday decor!

Cartoon Christmas Tree

Cartoon Character Christmas Tree

16.  How to Make a Charlie Brown Tree ~ Kelly shows you step by step photos as well as a video tutorial on how to make your very own Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Don’t forget to wrap a blue blanket around the bottom.

Barbie Tree

Paper Christmas tree

17.  Cupcake Liner Christmas Tree ~ Mini cupcake liners are the perfect sized liners for this tree.  They were the jumping off point to create the flowers on the cupcake liner tree.  The results are fabulous!

Oh Christmas Tree

18.  Candy & Eyelet Christmas Tree Topiaries ~ This simple and inexpensive Christmas crafts is a great addition to your holiday decor and also a fun project to use up some of that extra candy leftover from decorating gingerbread houses.  Glue it to these cute Christmas tree topiaries to prevent it from going in little tummies.

White House Christmas Tree

White House Christmas Tree

19.  Simple Tutorial Dreamy Feather Trees ~ These feather trees are absolutely gorgeous!  The candlesticks give them the perfect touch.  This is a perfect last minute Christmas project to add to your list.  It is quick and very inexpensive!  All you need is feathers, a grocery paper bag and glue.

Oh Christmas Tree

20.  Rosette & Burlap Christmas Tree ~ I have decided that I am officially obsessed with Burlap.  There is something about the natural color, especially when it is paired with white.  These trees are scrumptious!

Tree Printables

Printable Christmas Tree Art

21.  Christmas Tree Printable ~ This Christmas tree printable is actually just subway art in disguise.  “We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” are lined up to form a Christmas tree.  It’s available in three color options to print in 8×10 to frame for your home or as a gift for neighbors, or you can use the tags to attach to goodies.

Christmas Tree Printable

 22.  3D Christmas Tree Printable ~ Dress up or dress down this pink 3D paper Christmas tree. Add some glitter or ornaments to dress it up.

More Tree Patterns:

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