Circle Day


Have a fun party just for fun or for your play group. Here’s activities for a Shape Day in the Special Day booklet. Pick any shape you want to learn about.


Shape Day Activities:

Shape Puzzle
Play Dough
Glue shapes onto paper
Bake Cookies
Shape Booklet
Styrofoam Ornaments
World’s Best Play dough
Let child stack mixing bowls inside each other

Toddler Activity Book with GamesEHprint Download File Here:
Toddler Activity Booklet Cut, Half Page (3451 downloads)

Square Day:
Make car out of box
Stack square boxes

Circle Day:
Play will balls (basketball, golf, roll ball back and forth, kick ball)
Stack mixing bowls
Roll a tennis ball into a bucket
Tubular Tunnels
Make UFO’s
Balloons! (Make whipped cream faces.)

Circle Day Agenda

9:30 * Throw circle lids into pots, pans, & bowls
* Tubular Tunnels
* Circle Safari (eye spy)

9:45 * Play Dough
* Shape Puzzles

10:00 * Snack (vanilla wafers, grapes, banana circles)
* Make Cookies

10:20 * Balloons (draw faces on them)
* UFO’s

*Don’t forget to take pictures for the circle day book.


1. Throw round lids into round pots and bowls.
2. Tubular Tunnels
a. Decorate Tubular Tunnels with round stickers.
3. Circle Snacks
4. Balloons

Tubular Tunnels:
Take cardboard tubes from wrapping paper or from tin foil/wax paper. Hold them at an angle to the floor and drop marbles down them. (Golf balls work great if your cardboard tubes are big enough) It is fun to watch them come shooting out the other end!

Please note: This is an activity for a child who has outgrown putting things in the mouth.

Circle Safari:

For Preschoolers
Find a circle in your toy chest that rolls and bounces.
Find 4 circles on your toy truck.
Look on the wall for a circle that ticks and has numbers on it.

For Older Kids
Name something that you drink out of that’s round on top. When your child guesses a cup, ask her why she thinks the opening is circular. Explain that when you tilt a glass for drinking, the liquid comes out in a thin stream. To demonstrate, have her try to drink out of the flat side of a square plastic container.

Find something round that helps you open the door. Ask her if it would be harder or easier if the doorknob were a triangle or square. Take an orange and a banana and have her pretend they are doorknobs, holding them in midair. Which one is easier to turn in a circle? Explain that the round orange best fits the shape of her hand.

Name something round that gives off light. A light bulb is round, you can explain, because the shape allows the light to shine equally in all directions.

Toddler Activity Book with Games

EHprint Download File Here:
Toddler Activity Booklet Cut, Half Page (3451 downloads)

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