Clean or Dirty?  With this handy free dishwasher printable that says Dirty/Clean, you’ll no longer have to ask “are these dishes clean?” again!  Now with a quick glance you’ll know if the bowl from the dishwasher is clean or dirty.

Clean or Dirty?

Clean or Dirty

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I swear TJ has the best readers on the planet. I am so grateful for your comments, sharing ideas on Facebook, forwarding your e-mails to friends and family, and all that you do to help spread the word.  Therefore every Friday I will be introducing you to a new designer and giving EVERYONE free stuff.  Because I adore promoting women in business but I also want to give each one of you something as a thank you for being so flippin’ fantastic!

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About the Freebie

Use these clean or dirty dishwasher printables from The Letter 4 to use immediately or save them onto your computer for later. Print off the Dirty/Clean image onto scrapbooking paper that matches your kitchen.  Cut them out, laminated them, and then glue them onto a magnet.  Be sure to glue the magnet in between the two pages,  so the printable is on both sides.  This way you can you flip it over and the one side says dirty, flip it over and the other side says clean.

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A little bit about the lovelies at The Letter 4:  The Letter 4 blog as a way for us sisters to share and do projects together. But why stop there? We might as well share all of them with you too! We all have different talents, different tastes, so in our blog there is going to be something for everybody! Julianna is the writer and reader of the bunch, Jade is the recipe guru, Jamie is the printables gal, and Janae is the talented photographer. We are so excited to be here in the blogging world!