Cookie Exchange ~ 8 Cookie Recipes

I have noticed that a LOT of people are searching for Cookie Exchange Ideas! You know I aim to please so here are several cookie recipes that I’m dying to make.

Cookie Exchange Ideas

Cookie Exchange

1.  Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies – Winner of the second place in the cookie division.
2.  Mexican Hot Chocolate Cookies –  The cookies themselves have a slightly crunchy outside and a soft chewy inside.
3. Ginger Snap & Ricotta Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream Sandwiches – Spicy gingersnaps make the perfect sandwich cookie for luscious ricotta lemon cardamom ice cream! The perfect gourmet ice cream sandwich!
4.  Chocolate Crinkle Cookies – They’re soft and sort of cakey. They’re chocolate. Ooh, they’re chocolate.

Dessert Recipes

Cookie Recipes

5.  Semi-homemade Caramel Apple Cookies – The cookies are made using Jiffy Apple Cinnamon muffin mix and caramel bits.
6.  Dressing Up Your Oreos – These cookies are dipped in super white candy melts and chocolate transfer sheets in a candy cane design applied to the top.
7.  Peppermint Chocolate Cookies – These cookies added such a festive look to my Christmas boxes.
8.  Chocolate Covered Toffee – These toffee bars should be added to your holiday treat platter. Make them for your family, make them for your friends, make them for your neighbors, and snitch some for yourself. Wrap them up in pretty paper and give them as gifts.

cookie exchange

How to Host a Cookie Exchange Party

In my opinion, a Cookie Exchange Party is one of the most efficient parties you can host. You show up with a dozen of one kind of cookie and leave with a dozen different kinds of cookies and recipes on how to make them! Win/Win. No to mention, it’s another excuse to see your favorite people.

Organize a group of your friends and ask each guest to bring a dozen goodies for each guest, plus a few for the party sampling. Guests should also bring a copy of the recipe card for their baked item for each person.

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  1. Have you been peeking at my gift making list for this holiday season?!! Several of those exact cookies are on my list to make for friends this year! Great minds… 😉

    I don’t say it enough, but I love, love, LOVE your site and your boundless energy, Laurie. Great post!

  2. Cookie Exchanges are so much fun! The chocolate crinkle cookies are a HUGE fave at my house! Yummy and sooo easy to make! I’d love to try the dressed-up Oreos. Any suggestions on where to get transfers for them?

    Thanks for the fun post! 🙂

  3. I love doing my book club’s cookie exchange! There are seven of us and we each make each person a dozen of our cookies to take home so I go in with 7 dozen of one kind and come home with 7 dozen of a variety of kinds. Then I can mix and match them and make great gifts for my neighbors and the hub’s co-workers! It’s awesome.

    Actually we make 8 dozen each and then take the extra 7 dozen cookies to a nursing home for the residents. It makes the exchange extra special! Thanks for the great recipe ideas!!

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