Craft Room Countdown ~ Add Yours! {11/14}

Ready to start a Craft Room Count Down with Tip Junkie!?!   Debuting in 2014, we’ve rolled out some new themes to better promote creative women, and we are continuing in 2015!  {{yep, that’s YOU}}  



Craft Room Count Down?

Every Saturday here on Tip Junkie I’ll be giving you a list of ideas that I’m just dying to feature here on Tip Junkie.  I’m giving you a heads up in advance ~ so I can feature YOU!  {{cheezy grin}}

Here’s How to Add Your Project to a Craft Room on Tip Junkie.  

Yep, I want to make it super easy for ya!  My plan is to feature fabulous tutorials on these themes in the following weeks.  This way your chances of being spotlighted on the Tip Junkie website and all of Tip Junkie’s social media channels are GREATLY increased!  {{wink}}  

It’s just one more way of giving back because you know I love being able to showcase your amazing talet and skills!

1. Count Down of Ideas

The following is the list of ideas {or themes} which I am looking for and will be featuring soon.  

1.  Thanksgiving Recipes

2.  Beginner Sewing Tutorials

3.  Gifts to Make for Kids

4.  Gifts to Make for Teens

5.  Winter Crafts

6.  Fall Recipes

7.  Neighbor Gift Ideas

8.  Grandparent Gift Ideas

9.  Crocheted Gifts to Make

10.  Easy Gifts to Make for Under $10


2. Upload to Your Craft Room

It’s EASY!  Upload pictures from your computer or phone and add a project with one of these themes to your craft room, right here on Tip Junkie.  It’s free, of course.

You can upload as many, or few, pictures and instructions as you like.  However, in order to be featured your Craft Room project will need to have at least 2-3 steps and 3-4 pictures.  This way Tip Junkie members will be able to learn how to make it too!  


3. Featured Craft Rooms!

Your craft room projects will be featured in many ways on TIp Junkie.  Round-up style posts on 1 topic, Tip Me Tuesday link up, Follow Friday where I spotlight a member, just to name a few.

The top 5 projects which were uploaded as pictured tutorials into member’s Tip Junkie Craft Rooms last week are… {drum roll, please} …

1. Tufted Pin Cushion Tutorial ~ Use leftover fabric scraps to make this adorable tufted pincushion. Free pattern is included.

 IKEA hack kate spade desk

2.  IKEA Hack Kate Spade Desk ~ Turn a basic white Ikea desk into a dead ringer for the Kate Spade polka dot desk! Watch the short video tutorial to find out how.

apple cider-jpg

3.  Apple Pear Punch with Caramel ~ Whip up this festive and delicious apple pear punch and get into holiday season mode! Enchant your guest by adding flavor and a lot of interest to this quick punch with just a touch of salted caramel sauce.

candy bar wrapper-png

4.  Do Not Open Until December 25th Candy Bar Wrappers ~ Created as a humorous gift for  chocolate loving friends and family, these wrappers are so fun!   Print, put on candy and see who has will power and who doesn’t!  {wink}

lotion and lip balm-jpg

5.  DIY Lotion Bars and Lip Balm  ~ Make your own beauty products! Here is a super simple recipe for buttery body lotion bars and yummy lip balm! These are also a Great Gift idea!

While you’re visiting each project… don’t forget to click the “add to favorites” button to bookmark it into your craft room, and follow the Tip Junkie member!  This is a great way to learn from creative women and bookmark tutorials to find later.


Thanks Ladies!  You ROCK for taking the time to upload these pictured tutorials into your Craft Room, using the “add a project” feature.

Feel free to share your I was featured on Tip Junkie badge on your blog, Facebook, or Instagram. You earned it!  {knuckle bumps}  When you share your badge, be sure to share the link to your craft room too.  Your friends and family can follow you on Tip Junkie and bookmark your latest projects to quickly find later.


P.S.  Don’t forget to check out the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials that you are looking for. I’ll be happy to find them for ya.

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