13 Crazy Couple Baby Shower Games {hot or not?}

Baby Shower games with couples are so much fun to look at because they are include both the mom and dad-to-be and all of their friends..  If you are hosting a baby shower or expecting a baby then these are some crazy fun couple baby shower games might want to try.

A shout out to Mary Lou who asked for these games.  I hope they are the Baby Shower Games that you were looking for!  {knuckle bumps}  I’m happy to help.

Crazy Fun Couple Baby Shower Games to Play

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Printable Baby Shower Games:

1. Who knows daddy best game ~ free printable or Etsy $2.50
2. What’s in Your Purse Game ~ free printable or this free printable or several on Etsy
3. Mom vs Dad Baby Shower Game

Baby Shower Balloon Games:

4.  Man In Labor Game {video} ~ Put a balloon under your shirt and have the best delivery.
5.  Hump and Pop {video}
6.  Tinkle in the Pot {video}
7.  Feed The Baby {video} ~ Feed your “baby” while blind folded at 3:02 in video.

Click on any of the above couple baby shower game links to be taken to the original source.

Couple Baby Shower Games to Play

Couple Baby Shower Games:

Here are a few more ideas that are self explanatory.  If you want specifics you can always search for more details.{wink}  I just couldn’t help but add them as they really are super easy and can be thrown together last minute.

8. Cotton Ball Game ~ Scoop as many cotton balls into a bowl while blind folded
9.  Guess are many M&Ms in the Jar
10.  Suck the baby bottle dry contest
11.  Guess How Big ~ Guess the measurement of the mom-to-be’s belly.
12.  Blindfolded Diaper Relay
13.  Chopstick Bottle Nipple Catch

Scroll down to vote!  {high fives}  This list of 13 Crazy Fun Baby Shower Games for Couples that include lots of silly balloon games, free printable games, and other easy to throw together games that don’t require a lot of preparation or planning.

Hot or Not?

Since these couple baby shower games are pretty over the top, I’ve decided to add them to our HOT or NOT poll.  ‘Cuz I’m dying to know which of these extreme baby shower games you like!

Pink thumbs up or Blue thumbs down hot or not poll

So simply click the pink thumbs up or the blue thumbs down under each image to take the poll.  It will be fun to see your results.

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  • Who Knows Daddy Best Game

    • Yes
    • No
  • What’s in Your Purse Game

    • Yes
    • No
  • Mom vs Dad Baby Shower Game

    • Yes
    • No
  • Man In Labor Game

    • Yes
    • No
  • Hump and Pop Game

    • Yes
    • No
  • Tinkle in the Pot

    • Yes
    • No
  • Feed The Baby

    • Yes
    • No
Balloon Baby Shower Games for Couples to Play

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