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Which Is Better? + a free gift tag


Free printable gift tags for Crush Soda!

Looking for a little something to add cheer and hopefully brighten up a day?  With a can of soda and a printer, you’re all hooked up with a cute candy gram!  {knuckle bumps}

What are you ladies making this week?  I took a time out today to create a couple gift tags for some soda can holders my husband has been making for friends and neighbors.

Crush Soda Printable TagEHprint Download File Here:
You Are CRUSH-ING It Gift Tag (413 downloads) ,
You are CRUSHING Quarantine {crush soda tag} (106 downloads)

Since ALL my boys {um… men} are home, we’ve been playing with our 3D printer.  One of our favorites is this soda can holder.  I can’t tell you how many we’ve made for friends.


With all that’s been going on, we’ve ordered more 3D printing filament up and been on a roll.  I thought it would lift the boys and their friends if we added a little gift tag… You ARE CRUSH-ING Quarantine!  On the back it says, “I CAN’T wait until we CAN hangout.”  {giggle}

Since this is only temporary, I also made a generic printable tag as well.  Just in case you’d like to use it in other ways.

You Are CRUSH-ING It! Gift Tag

To make this quick gift…

  • print out the encouraging note
  • cut out
  • attach to a CRUSH soda pop via ribbon or tape

Yep, that’s it.  If you have access to orange crush soda pop and a printer… it will take less than 5 minutes to brighten up someone’s day.

You can also leave some by your door on your porch to surprise those who are leaving you a sweet surprise.  {giggle}

Out of these soda pops, which do YOU think is better?

Simply scroll down to play along with us!

To add a little cheer, here’s a fun “versus” poll to see which soda’s we prefer as Tip Junkies.  {giggle}

Click the name of the soda you prefer.  You’ll immediately see the results of everyone’s favorites.

  • Crush or Sunkist?

    • Crush
    • Sunkist
  • Sprite or 7up?

    • Sprite
    • 7up
  • A&W or Mug?

    • A&W
    • Mug
  • Pepsi or Coke?

    • Pepsi
    • Coke
  • Dr Pepper or Coke?

    • Dr Pepper
    • Coke
CRUSHing Quarantine Gift Tag Free Printable

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