13 Creative Crafts to Make with Bleach


Bleach Inspired Crafts are perfect for summer!  The myriad of patterns, designs and techniques available are perfect for many crafts besides t-shirts.  You’ll love these 13 Creative Crafts to Make with Bleach that include bleach pen t shirt, spray bleach t shirt, stencil t shirt, bleach tie dye shorts, love song scarf, bleached shoes, and even how to make your own bleach pen.    

Bleach Crafts

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to bleach a t shirt with these incredible tutorials.  For even more style and beauty tips Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 910 Ideas.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more style tips with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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How to Bleach T Shirts

DIY Spray Bleach T Shirt

1.  DIY Spray Bleach T Shirt ~ Learn how to make your own unique t shirts from bleach and a stencil.  You don’t have to purchase a stencil, you can print a design on card stock and cut out the shape.  The skies the limit with this technique.  

DIY Bleach Pen Tank Top

2.  DIY Bleach Pen Tank Top ~ Make this cute tank top in minutes using a bleach pen.  Perfect for the bride and groom or really anything you want to write.

Stencil Bleached T Shirt

3.  Stencil Bleached T Shirt ~ You can pay a lot for a vintage t-shirt or just buy a new one and make it look vintage using this tutorial! Simple to do using a few things you can pick up at your local grocery store. Perfect for kids as well as adult sized shirts!

Bleach Fabric

Polka Dot Bleach Pen Jeans

4.  Polka Dot Bleach Pen Jeans ~ Make your own Anthropologie inspired polka-dotted jeans! All you need is a clorox bleach gel pen ($3 at target) and jeans of your choice!

DIY Tye Dye Bleach Shorts

5.  DIY Tie Dye Bleach Shorts ~ Reinvent an old pair of jeans or cut offs by tie dying them with a bucket of water, rubber bands and bleach.

Bleach Painted Shoes

6.  Bleach Painted Shoes ~ Transform a plain pair of canvas shoes in beautiful bleach patterns. Won’t they be perfect for back to school?

Fabric Bleach Art

7.  Fabric Bleach Art ~ Design your own fabric using a pencil and bleach.  You’ll use the pencil to erase color not write with it.  Use this technique on t-shirts, pants, pillows, shoes or blankets.  Almost any type of fabric will work. 

How to Stamp with Bleach on Fabric

8.  How to Stamp with Bleach on Fabric ~ Using rubber stamps you can be your own fabric designer.  

Love Song Bleached Scarf

9.  Love Song Bleached Scarf ~ This tutorial walks your through writing song lyrics on a scarf. Freezer paper is a key item, it keeps the bleach from spreading.

Bleach Batik Technique

10.  Bleach Batik Technique ~ The batik technique is typically done with die, but this tutorial shows you how to use bleach instead.  It’s much easier!  The technique uses a candle DecoPaint pen, bleach and fabric.  

DIY Bleach Splattered Dress

11.  DIY Bleach Splattered Dress ~ This might just be the perfect summer throw on dress! Super comfy and easy to wear, staying stylish at the same time using a bleach splattered technique! 

Bleach Pen T Shirt

Team Spirit Custom T Shirt

12.  Team Spirit Custom T Shirt ~ Show your team spirit at your child’s games with this custom t-shirt.  All you need is a bleach pen and a t shirt.

How to Make Your Own Bleach Pen

13.  How to Make Your Own Bleach Pen ~ Cornstarch is a great thickening agent not only for gravy, but with bleach.  Who would have thought?  Add to a squeeze bottle and voila, you have an instant bleach pen! 

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