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10 Creative Ways to Re-Cover Books {how to}


Book covers are perfect for protecting and preserving cherished books.  They also provide a little eye candy for your bookshelves and entice reading!  Here are 10 creative ways to re-cover books using wrapping paper, kraft paper, vintage maps and fabric.

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10 Creative Ways to Re-Cover Books

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to re-cover books with these incredible tutorials. For even more book cover ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 60 tutorials. You can always search there if you’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Best Book Covers

Wrapping Paper Book Cover

1.  Wrapping Paper Book Cover ~ Wrapping paper makes a great material to cover books with.  This tutorial shows you how to re-cover books and make a laminated pocket perfect for holding pencils or even bookmark.  Also, a great way to decorate a book shelf!

DIY Fabric Covered Books

2.  DIY Fabric Covered Books ~ All those cute fabric covered books and journals can get pricey.  This great tutorial shows you how to turn a thrift store book into a fabulous decorative piece.

Old Book Cover

Recycled Denim Book Cover

3.  Recycled Denim Book Cover ~ Recycle an old pair of jeans to protect your book.  The denim pocket makes a great pocket for holding pens, pencils and other small items.

Mini Memo Book Covers {free template}

4.  Mini Memo Book Covers {free template} ~ This is a great post featuring a DIY mini travel journal and memo books. Perfect to take along with you as you travel around the country or world, to journal and take note of the things and people you saw! A great piece of memorabilia that you can look back on!

How to Cover Your Books {old school}

5.  How to Cover Your Books {old school} ~ It’s back to basics with this old school book cover tutorial using brown kraft paper or brown paper bags.

DIY Leather Journal

6.  DIY Leather Journal ~ Take a boring journal and turn it into something unique and fabulous! Wrap it in leather and personalize it with their name or initials. The leather gives it a masculine touch making it perfect for gift giving, or chronicling your own adventures.

Book Cover Design Template

DIY Book Cover & Bookmark

7.  DIY Book Cover & Bookmark ~ There’s no need to buy notebooks anymore when you can make your own coordinating notebooks and bookmarks at home with this simple paper crafts tutorial. Your handmade personalized notebook would be a great stocking stuffer gifts for friends and family.

How to Make a Book Cover

8.  How to Make a Book Cover ~ Learn the four secrets to properly covering your textbooks with paper.  It’s a fun and easy way to personalize your books in addition to protecting them.

Woven Notebook Cover Tutorial

9.  Woven Notebook Cover Tutorial ~ Check out this cool way to re-cover a notebook using vintage maps and double sided tape.

DIY Book Jacket

10.  DIY Book Jacket ~ This stylish book jacket is a perfect gift for anyone you know that loves to write, draw, doodle, or just take notes.  With these tips you can take scraps of paper and old cereal boxes and turn them into personalized gifts.

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