How to Crochet a Pouf with FREE printable pattern!


Crocheting a pouf is easier than you might think!  What is a pouf?  It’s a versatile accessory that you can add to any outfit to make it more festive!  If youÂ’re looking for a fun crocheting project this holiday season with amazing pictured instructions, plus a free PDF printable, then you are in luck!  {{IÂ’ve got your back}}.   HereÂ’s how to crochet a pouf using Rigoletto Sequins Yarn by Red Heart that is absolutely swoon-able and definitely gift worthy.

Rigoletto Pouf

activities for kids 20 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July {free printable} by Tip Junkie Print Free File Here:  Download

During the holidays I love having a few accessories I can add to any outfit to make it more festive. My favorite are those I’ve knit or crocheted myself–they have a great cozy texture, are comfortable to wear, and don’t break the bank! This new Red Heart Boutique Rigoletto Sequins yarn was destined for holiday festivities. It not only comes in a great range of on-trend colors, it has bling!

activities for kids 20 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July {free printable} by Tip Junkie Print Free File Here:  Download

Rigoletto Sequins

would make a gorgeous scarf, but I thought something to pin on would be even more versatile. I love this ruffled pouf! It works on sweaters, blouses, t-shirts, coats, or even scarves.  I am going to be wearing this a lot this season, and making some to giveaway. What woman couldn’t use a cute pouf?

Even better, what little girl wouldn’t look adorable with a Rigoletto Sequins Pouf pinned on her holiday outfit?

But the best thing? This is a project you can complete in about 20 minutes. Really! And you don’t even need to know how to crochet (though it will feel familiar if you do). Keep reading for the full tutorial

How to Crochet a Pouf with FREE printable pattern!

You will need:

To make the pouf, start by untying the skein of yarn, finding an end, and spreading out the yarn for a few inches. The yarn is knit in a tube shape–flatten it and pull it apart so it is wider. This doesn’t need to be done uniformly. In fact, it will look more interesting if it isn’t uniform.

Trim the end so it is even and then fold it under about three-quarters of an inch, twice. Secure this with a few stitches–a simple running stitch will do the trick. This is how the yarn is finished, concealing the raw ends, because the tradtional knotting and weaving in is not possible.

After you’ve finished the end, insert your crochet hook through center of the sewn end of the yarn from the top side to the back and then back through to the top, as shown in the photo below. Think of this as the slip knot you would start to begin a crochet chain stitch.

Now push your hook through this “slip knot” along the yarn about four-and-a-half inches–it’s almost the length of the hook, and “hook” a few strands (3 or 4) of the yarn at this point. Make sure you are hooking strands from both layers of the yarn tube.

Pull these strands back through the slip knot to form your first stitch. If you are familiar with crochet, you are making a chain stitch. This will gather the yarn as shown below:

Now repeat, by extending your hook out along the yarn (spread out the yarn to flatten it as you go), hooking a few strands, and pulling them through the “stitch” or strands on your hook.

Repeat for a total of six  chain stitches.  (Leave your hook in the last stitch you made to keep your work secure for the moment.)  Then cut the yarn from the skein leaving a four inch tail.

Turn your work. Now we’re going to gather the yarn further by working back into the chain stitches you have formed.

Start by inserting your hook into the second chain from the hook.

Insert your hook through the space beneath the chain and pull it back through the stitch on your hook

Now skip the next chain and hook the second chain, pulling it through the stitch on your hook.

Repeat this one more time for a total of three stitches. Keep your hook in this stitch to keep your work from unraveling.

Now finish of the tail end of your yarn by folding it under and stitching it down as you did at the beginning.

Fold this tail in back towards the last stitch on your crochet hook, and using a needle and thread, make a few stitches to secure your work and secure the folded tail to this “knot” of crochet stitches. This is forming the back of the pouf.

To keep the pouf looking round, overlap the folded ends you have finished and tack them together with a few stitches at their outermost edges.

Now to make this easy to pin on, use your needle and thread to tack on a pin bar (found in the jewelry-making section of craft stores).

Sit back, turn over your work, and enjoy your Rigoletto Sequins Pouf! How are you going to wear it?

activities for kids 20 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July {free printable} by Tip Junkie Print Free File Here:  Download

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*A special thanks to Red Heart Yarn for sponsoring and providing Anneliese with the Rigoletto Yarn to be used to make this fabulous Pouf, and for making an amazing speciality yarn to meet our knitting and crocheting needs! {wink}
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  1. I only sew, this maybe the only thing I can croquet besides the easy earrings video I saw last week.

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