Cut The Candybar ~ Easy Family Game to Play!


For a great family Christmas gift, print out this game directions and add them to a cutting board and glove-like hot pads.


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* Cutting board
* butter knife & fork
* two hot pads
* two dice
* lots of Candy Bars!

To eat as much of the candy bar as you can before someone rolls a double. This is a great group game.

Cut the candybar instructions

How to Play:

Put an unwrapped candy bar on a cutting board in the middle of the table. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice. When someone rolls a double (of any number) it’s their turn to unwrap the candy bar and then cut and eat it.
The game then kicks in to high gear and everyone quickly takes their turn rolling. As soon as the next person rolls doubles the fork is dropped, mittens are removed and that person takes over. Be sure to have at least one candy bar per person playing. (Rules can be modified to accommodate younger players.)


1. You must have on both of the hot pads before you start.
2. You must use both the knife and the fork.
3. The portions of the candy bar that you cut must be small. (Be considerate of all players).
4. When someone rolls a double, the person eating the candy bar must stop immediately! Even if the candy bar was cut and on it’s way to your mouth, you can’t take the bite.
5. If you are starting out with a new candy bar, you must unwrap it while wearing the hot pads (you can use the knife and fork).

Cut the Candy Bar Christmas party games
Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 7-9
Homemade Gift

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