25 Cute Things to Make for Kids 2 – 12 Years Old


Easy and cool things to make for kids 2 – 12 years old for handmade presents ideas.  These cute homemade gifts include a nerf pouch, monster pencil pouch, ear bud pouch, tool belt, train table, doll bedding and a planket. As always, the Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for things to make for kids 2 – 12 to Make, so you can always search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}

What to Make

Cute Things to Make for Kids1.  Robot Mouth Pencil Case ~  These colorful robot pouches are a great way to organize art supplies, pencils and toy cars.  It’s mouth opens up to gobble up art supplies and small toys.  How cool is that?!

What to Make 2.  Lightening McQueen Hat {crochet} ~ Love to crochet?  Does your child love Cars?  Then this Lightening McQueen hat is perfect for you.  Your child can dress up in it, keep their head warm and it also makes for a fun photo prop.  This pattern includes the pattern instructions and a video to help you along.

3.  Toddler  Toolbelt ~ How to sew a fabric tool belt for your son or nephew.  This would make a fun homemade gift for any occasion!  Add some plastic tools and you have the perfect gift!

4.  DIY Gifts: Sew a Car Caddy ~ I just adore this fabulous DIY gift of sewing a car caddy. It also folds up into a nice little square so it’s perfect for the Doctor’s office, play dates, and church!  All little boys will love this as an amazing homemade gift.

Cute Things to Make for Boys

5.  DIY Train Table ~ Build a fabulous train table from some 2 x 4’s, 1 x 4’s, plywood and acrylic paint.  It will provide countless hours of entertainment for your little conductor.

Gifts for Boys

6.  Nerf Dart Holder ~ How cool is this dart holder pouch?  It keeps the darts handy on your hip while you’re playing.  It’s also the perfect storage container.

7.  Skateboard Sling ~ Boys don’t get nearly as excited about homemade goodness as girls do once they get to be teenagers but I think this sling just might be an exception.  It’ll get their board the places it can’t be ridden in style!

Gifts for Boys

8.  Super Hero Cape ~ This tutorial will show you how to make the perfect superhero cape.  The pattern is perfect!  I know because my boys have a few and I highly recommend it.  The velcro closure is genius.

Gifts for Boys

9.  Super Hero Mask ~ All you need is felt, elastic and brads to make these fun and unique super hero masks. They’re sure to make your “super hero” happy.

Cute Things to Make

10.  American Girl Doll Bedding {free pattern}~ A free pattern to make bedding for an 18? or American Girl Doll bed.  The tutorial shows you how to make bedding for an IKEA doll bed.  The pattern makes 3 sizes of pillows, a mattress, sheet and quilt/comforter.

Felt Doll Tutorial

11.  Doll Tutorial {felting} ~ A detailed tutorial on how to make these darling hand sewn felt dollies.  You can customize the felt colors to look like the child.  Keep them separate or sew them together for adorable bunting.

12.  Fabric Cradle Purse ~ I simply adore this cradle purse!  It is a purse that turns into a doll cradle.  This little purse will hold a baby that is about 6? long.  What little girl wouldn’t love one of these?  Perfect for a birthday gift, christmas gift, Easter gift or just because.

Christmas Gifts

13.  DIY Dollhouse Bookcase ~ Turn an ordinary bookshelf into a Dollhouse for the little girl in your life this Christmas. Use for a dollhouse or even a bookshelf for an older child.

14.  Pretend and Play Restaurant Set: Today’s Special Board ~ Spray paint chalkboard paint onto a canvas and then embellish this darling “today’s special board’ to use when playing restaurant.  The other pieces of the restaurant set are chef’s hat, apron, oven mitts/pot holders, waitress/waiter apron, ordering pad.

Christmas Presents

Gifts to Sew

15.  Planket Tutorial~ It’s a pillow and a blanket all in one.  Perfect for sleepovers or traveling.  Customize the fabric and colors for a boy or girl. Gifts for Girls 16.  Sparkly Strawberry Lip Balm ~ These sparkly strawberry lip balm jars are absolutely darling!  They are made using a combination of beeswax pellets, sunflower oil, strawberry flavor, pink glitter, and lipstick shavings.  There’s also a free label to download and print.  Score! Gifts for Girls 17.  Embellish Bobby Pins ~ If you are a girly girl or have daughters then this is the perfect project for you!  And, they are so stinkin’ cute!  There are tips to buying a good bobby pin and how to glue the felt, buttons and flowers to the bobby pins.

Cool Stuff to Make

Cool Stuff to Make 18.  MP3 Player Pocket Pillowcase ~ A MP3 Player Pocket Pillowcase – it is exactly what it sounds like.  There is a pocket with strap to hold an MP3 player while napping or relaxing.  Keeps that MP3 player right where you want it.

DIY Ear Bud Pouch

19.  Circle Ear Bud Pouch ~ This circle pouch is perfect for keeping track of ear buds.  It can also help keep them from getting tangled up.  Not much fabric is used to make the pouch so it’s a perfect scrap buster project!  {wink} Cool Stuff to Make for Kids 20.  DIY Lego Travel Box ~ This Lego travel box is perfect for trips to grandma and grandpa’s or traveling in the car.  It uses a recycled wooden box with a sliding lid to easily store the Lego pieces in.  A building plate was glued to the lid to stand the Lego pieces on.

Cool Things to Make

21.  Boy’s Lego Belt ~ It’s hard to make things for boys, but here is the perfect thing! This belt took 5 minutes to make and it goes perfect with almost everything!

Handmade Presents Ideas

Handmade Christmas Gifts

22.  DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat ~ Create this indoor Hopscotch Mat using felt and a glue gun – no sewing required!  Perfect for when outdoor weather doesn’t cooperate.  Makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift.

Cool Gifts to Make

23.  Fire Station Table Tent ~ Sew the ultimate interactive play tent for your child.  It’s complete with a roll up door, window, fire hats and tools.  It fits perfectly over a card table so it has a stable support.  It will also store easily because you can fold it up for storage.

24.   ‘Super Hero’ Fort Kit ~ I absolutely ADORE this fort building kit for kids.  I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like to get all the blanket and cushions and try to build a fort.  This little kit not only makes it OK, but helps make it a little easier to keep it standing and provides them with everything they need, including instructions.

Gifts for Kids

25.  Make a Doorway Puppet Theater {how-to} ~ This home theater will make kids want to trade Saturday-morning cartoons for sock puppets.  Any doorway becomes center stage with this playful project. Here’s how to get the show on the road.


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