12 Thanksgiving Table Settings


Day 3 of our Thanksgiving inspiration features table settings for Thanksgiving Day. If you’re looking for a few DIY Decorating ideas here are 12 Thanksgiving table settings to make your Thanksgiving dinner look great.

A Stirring Life has featured several fun ideas for your Thanksgiving table. I love this idea of altering “Giving Thanks” to the candles. So fun.

Everyday Celebrating has given some tips on decorating your fall table, such as use pattern and texture layering.

Gotta Have Candles did such an amazing job. Here there are so many different elements to draw inspiration from.

This is Sparkle Daisy’stable.

Canyon Wren Cottage has several table settings to draw inspiration from.

My Design Secrets has several table decor ideas that you can incorporate.

Here’s Ever After Scrapbooks.

I really like Kendra’s idea of posting a menu. Here paper pumpkin with matching napkin ring and place cards are darling.

Unity Stamp also coordinated her menu, napkin holders, place cards, and favor.

Pine Is Here did this amazing pine cone table setting. Be sure to check out the fun pine cone turkey she made.

Here are the fabulous Kari & Kjsa’s table from last year. They also have some fun Thanksgiving ideas such as attaching a quote to the pumpkin that doubles as a place card and glittering a pumpkin for decor or ice your bubbly.

I also thought this hanging place card from Style Me Pretty was a fun way to dress up the dinner.

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  1. The Pine Is Here is my favorite. Thanks for posting it! It is understated in the most perfect way!

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    That’s my tip for the day!
    The Jolly Dog House

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