Day 7 – Boy Transportation Birthday Parties


Day 7 of our Birthday Bash is featuring Transportation parties submitted by Tip Junkie readers.

Meredith submitted her Thomas the Train party. Look at the train she made! You can check out more pictures from the party here.

Colleen submitted her Thomas the Train birthday party. They had these “train costumes” made out of boxes for each guest!

Kendra submitted her construction truck party she threw for her son. What a creative cake idea and those party favors are great!

Ashley submitted her Construction party. She has some really inventive ideas, like tying balloons to a large level for the centerpiece.

Jamie submitted her son’s Disney Cars birthday party. The signs she made for the food and around the house are amazing!

Jen submitted her Disney Cars birthday party. Take a look at these stop light rice crispy treats. {{yummy}}

Tia submitted her son’s Nascar Birthday party. I’m loving the race they had!

I threw a Nascar / Race Car birthday party years ago for my oldest. You can print out the agenda over on Executive Homemaker. I also made these fun race cars out of cardboard boxes and painted them to look like my son’s favorite Nascars.

Lyssa submitted Jamie’s Fire Truck birthday party. She has so many great ideas, be sure to check them out!

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out more creative birthday ideas on Executive Homemaker!


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  3. Comment-Anonymous Jake and Rachelle

    Thanks for the fun ideas! We did the dump truck cake the day before you posted this. We used cake, pudding, and chocolate fudge balls for rocks. It was a hit!

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  5. Comment-Anonymous brittney mullen

    Thank you for the post 🙂 my son’s third birthday is coming up and he is all about everything with wheels… Now just have to decide which one he wants 🙂 love all the ideas!!! 🙂

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