18 Crafty Ways to Decorate With Paper Straws

Wondering what to make with paper straws?  These crafty tutorials show you how to make the cutest crafts, DIY Decor for the home and parties, and edible gifts.  These paper straw  projects include cake bunting, cupcake toppers, pictures frames, easels, wreath, straw garlands and even how to make your own paper straws.  Paper straw crafts are so popular because they are so adorable and can be used for more than drinking straws.  These tutorials show you just how easy and versatile paper straws can be!

Crafty Ways to Decorate With Paper Straws

The Tip Junkie Creative Community has 320 straw theme crafts with pictured tutorials for parties and decorating!  So be sure to search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}

Paper Drinking Straws

DIY Paper Easel

1.  Paper Straw Easel ~ These cute little paper straw easels are perfect for displaying children’s artwork, menu’s, food labels or photographs.  All you need is paper straws and a hot glue gun.

DIY Frames

2.  Paper Straw Frames ~ These straw frames are not only adorable, but oh so clever!  A slit was cut along the length of the straw to slide on the edge of the photo and baker’s twine for a hanger.

Straw Decor

3.  Flower Printable Straw Decor ~ Decorate paper straws with printables for a festive drink!

DIY Cake Bunting

4.  Printable Chalkboard Letters {bunting} ~ Top your favorite cake, pie or cupcakes with these adorable chalkboard letters and paper straws. Cute and trendy, this bunting is perfect for any celebration because the entire alphabet is included so you can spell out anything you desire.

Paper Straw Decorations

5.  DIY Paper Straw Birthday Candles {cake toppers} ~ Paper straws are such a fun accessory for parties these days! Icing Designs takes it up a notch with this fabulous birthday candle tutorial using paper straws. You’ll love the simplicity of the tutorial too! All you need is paper straws, yellow tissue paper, glue and glitter (optional).

DIY Cupcake Sprinkle Packet

6.  Sprinkle Packet Cupcake Toppers {party things} ~ These little cupcake topper sprinkle packets are absolutely adorable! And, how clever to put them in little packets so each child can decorate their own cupcake?! They’re also easy and inexpensive to make with this great tutorial!

DIY Cookie Stand

7.  Tiered Cookie Stand ~ Make a three tiered cookie stand using paper straws and candy stick for the center support.

Straw Garland

Paper Straw Garland

8.  Paper Straw Garland ~ Make a fun and festive Paper Straw Garland for any holiday or party with this simple tutorial.

DIY Straw Garland

9.  Paper Straw Garland DIY ~ Need a quick and easy garland for a party?  Simply cut the straws and string on fishing line.  Yep, it’s that simple.

Drinking Straw Decorations

DIY Paper Straw Snoflake

10.  Paper Straw Snowflakes ~ Isn’t this snowflake absolutely darling?  It makes a fabulous present topper or could be made larger to hand on a front door this winter.

DIY Paper Wreath

11.  Paper Straw Wreath {how-to} ~ Using straws and cardboard this starburst wreath makes for a cute DIY project. This is an easy and inexpensive craft that won’t take up a lot of time and makes adorable festive decor!

What to Do With Paper Straws

DIY S'more Pops

12.  S’more Pops ~ S’more pops are perfect for parties or easy BBQs. You can make them in a jiffy and the kids will love helping.  Mount them on straws and stand them up in a vase or bowl filled with jellybeans and they can double as a quick and easy centerpiece as well.

Mustache Party Favor

13.  Mustache Cake Pops ~ How fabulous is this mustache cake pop with the clown nose?!  They’re perfect for party favors, photo props or a fun sweet treat.  You can make them by using your Baby Cakes cake pop machine and a mustache lollipop mold.

DIY Donut Pops

14.  Donut Hole Pops ~ Sometimes just a little fancy touch can make a meal, especially or the kids. This blogger took store-bought donut holes, added a stick (use a paper straw instead), tied on a ribbon and gave her kids this “special” treat with their breakfast cereal. With not much effort, you can start your kiddos of to a special day.

What to Make with Paper Straws

15.  Homemade Pixie Stix {Tutorial} ~ Make your own homemade pixie stix for your next party or celebration.  This yummy treat is even made with real fruit, not just colored sugar.  Fill fun paper straws with this delicious goodie.

What to Make with Paper Straws

16.  Paper Straw and Bead Necklace {DIY Necklace} ~ How cute is this DIY necklace! Perfect for your little girly girl to help make and then wear! Made with a colorful paper straw, beads and a cord! Easy and fun to create, stylish to wear!

DIY Straw Glider

17.  Straw Glider {free printable} ~ Use the free printable to turn a paper straw into a glider.  Kids are going to love this simple new toy.

How to Make Paper Straws

DIY Paper Straws

18.  DIY Paper Straws {free templates} ~ Learn how to make your own paper straws using these free templates.  A corn starch paste is used so they are non-toxic.  Some of the free template include hearts, stars, thick stripes and thin stripes.

More Crafts To Make:

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