9 Disney Vacation Count Down Tutorials


How to make a Vacation countdown for your Disney vacation is so easy and a ton of fun for the entire family.  Here are several amazing ways to count down days to your vacation.  These countdown calendar tutorials are adorable and can easily be re-themed for any type of vacation or holiday!

9 Disney Vacation Count Down Tutorials

Disney Vacation Countdown

1.   Disney Countdown Mickey Chalkboard  ~  I love visual countdowns.  I think it makes the upcoming event so much more exciting.  Check out this cool idea if your family is planning a trip to Disneyworld.  Two different sizes of plates were traced on foam board to make the Mickey ears.

2.  Disney Countdown ~ This adorable Disney countdown is perfect for small toddlers who don’t know how to count yet.  Every day until the day of the trip a flat marble magnet is taken off.

3.  Count Down to Disney ~ As the days go by, you turn the pins over to count down.  Some fun trivia and activities were added to the backs of the pins that are age appropriate for a 4 year old.

4.  Disneyland Countdown {free printable} ~ Make a Disney countdown paper chain with these free pdf files.  They are in the Disney font and you can choose either Disney World or Disneyland.  Simply download the file, print, cut and staple together.

Countdown Calendar

5.  How to Make a Disney World Countdown ~ Isn’t this Mickey shaped countdown fantastic?  What a fun way to count down to the greatest place on earth!  This wreath was made using 3 wreath forms, yarn, felt, and card stock.

6.  Disneyland Activity Countdown Calendar ~ This adorable Disneyland countdown was made using Disney paint chips from Home Depot.  Each paint chip was numbered and a magnet was added to the back of them.  Also, on the back of each number, there is a simple activity that the family can do together.

7.  Disneyland Countdown Calendar ~ Countdown the last 10 days until your Disneyland vacation!  Add some sparkle to the countdown by using glitter foam board.  Activities were also added to the backs of the paint chips.  Everyday your child gets to do a fun activity.

Count Down Days to Disney!

8.  Disneyland Countdown {free template} ~ Hang up this super cute Disney countdown 30 days prior to your trip!  Download the free chart template and circles template to make your own countdown.  Add velcro to the backs of the circles for your children to easily cover the circles.  And, it can be reused!

9.  Count Down to Disney ~ Count down the days to Disney by letting your child pull a Mickey head off each day.  All the Mickey images were from the Mickey & Friends Cricut Cart.  If you don’t have a cricut you could always use stickers and a Mickey Mouse  punch.

More Countdown Tutorials:

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