DIY Candy Land Party (Candy Party Theme}


DIY Candy Land Party (Candy Party Theme}

Wether you love the board game or just love candy, these great DIY decorations are a must have at your next candy themed party.

DIY Candy Land Party (Candy Party Theme}
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  1. I don’t see where to hit next, but I’m doing a candy themed party for my daughter. I would like
    To know what you used for the lollipop sticks. Thanks!

  2. Regular 12 x 12 cardstock was used for the walking path. If you click the blue “next” button on the post it will give you the full directions to make the balloon lollipops. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Hi, First I want to say I LOVE your candyland decor:-) I’m having a candyland theme party for my two kids. But I don’t know how to make the colorful squares walking path. How did you make yours? Also what did you use to hold the balloons to make them look like lollipops?

  4. […] wish I could take credit for this next idea but I found it on Tip Junkie. Giant lollipops made from balloons and gift wrap tubes painted white. So […]

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