18 DIY Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers 5 to 6 Years Old


Cool DIY Christmas gifts for preschool kids ages 5 to 6 years old. These home made gifts and toys are perfect to make for kids which include pictured tutorials for doll houses, DIY kitchens, felt hopscotch, felt monster pillows, caddys, race car track, restaurant set, and even a puppet theater.

As always, the Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for Homemade Gifts for Kids 5 to 7 years old, so you can always search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}

Dream Dollhouse Makoever

DIY Christmas Gifts

1.  Dream Dollhouse Makeover ~ Check out this amazing dollhouse transformation.  This is a dream gift for any little girl.  So many fun details – including tiny curtains and a cartoon rendering of family pictures hanging on the walls.  Too cute!

Cupboard Door Art Desk {Tutorial}

2.  Cupboard Door Art Desk {Tutorial} ~ This kids art desk is so fabulous!  The tutorial shows you how to turn a simple cupboard door into this fabulous gift that is sure to be a favorite gift.

DIY Play Time Furniture {how-to}
3.  DIY Play Time Furniture {how-to} ~ Make your child’s Christmas dream come true with this amazing DIY play time furniture.  It’s a play kitchen with stove, refrigerator, washer, and dryer.

How To Make A Lemonade Stand with Signs

4.  How To Make A Lemonade Stand with Signs ~ This is a pretty amazing gift, but if you are looking to make something special for your girly for Christmas or an upcoming birthday, this just might do the trick.  Heck, I wouldn’t mind one.  {giggle}

How To Make A Child’s Tent

5.  How To Make A Child’s Tent ~ This Child-Size Teepee Tent is perfect for a rainy day or great for the outdoors! This easy, no sew project stays together with the addition of grommets!

American Girl Doll Bed {DIY}

6.  American Girl Doll Bed {DIY} ~ This bed fits perfectly for an American Girl doll, but will work for any little baby doll.  And you can make the whole thing for under $15 {gasp}!

How To Make Kids Dinosaur Tails {Tutorial}
7.  How To Make Kids Dinosaur Tails {Tutorial} ~ Jessica made a great tutorial for these adorable dinosaur tails – aren’t they cute?!  Pair it with a couple dinosaur picture books for a great birthday gift or even use them as party favors if you are doing a dinosaur theme.

DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat {No-Sew}
8.  DIY Indoor Hopscotch Mat {No-Sew} ~ Create this indoor Hopscotch Mat using felt and a glue gun – no sewing required!  Perfect for when outdoor weather doesn’t cooperate.  Makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift.

Felt Monster Face Pillow for Boys {free pattern}

9.  Felt Monster Face Pillow for Boys {free pattern} ~ This would make a wonderful gift for a boy’s birthday.  It is a felt pillow with all the face pieces tucked into a pocket on the back.  The creative possibilities are endless.

how to make a Picnic Caddy Tutorial {Sewing}

What To Make For Kids

10.  How To Make A Picnic Caddy {sewing tutorial} ~ These placemats hold everything you need to enjoy a picnic outdoors.  Give them as gifts to your kids for your picnics in the park or give them to a newly wed couple so they can enjoy a romantic picnic for two.

Children’s Tool Belt Tutorial {sew}

11.  Children’s Tool Belt Tutorial {sew} ~ How to sew a fabric tool belt for your son.  This would make a fun homemade gift for any occasion!

DIY Gifts: Sew a Car Caddy

12.  DIY Gifts: Sew a Car Caddy ~ I just adore this fabulous DIY gift of sewing a car caddy. It also folds up into a nice little square so it’s perfect for the Doctor’s office, play dates, and church!  All little boys will love this as an amazing homemade gift.

DIY Race Care Track {Tutorial}

13.  DIY Race Car Track {Tutorial} ~ Most little boys love playing with matchbox cars.  So who wouldn’t love this awesome homemade Matchbox Car Track so they can host their own races?!  Not only will this provide hours of fun, but it’s made from scrap wood so the cost is minimal as well.

How to make a Pretend and Play Restaurant Set
14.  Pretend and Play Restaurant Set: Today’s Special Board ~ Spray paint chalkboard paint onto a canvas and then embellish this darling “today’s special board’ to use when playing restaurant.  The other pieces of the restaurant set are chef’s hat, apron, oven mitts/pot holders, waitress/waiter apron, ordering pad.

How To Make Pajama Eaters Monsters {Tutorial}

15.  How To Make Pajama Eaters Monsters {Tutorial} ~ These cute little felt monsters have a zipper in their mouth which opens a large pocket designed to hold the kiddo’s pajamas.  A fun way to get them to put away their jammies in the morn!

How To Make Magnetic Paper Dolls

16.  How To Make Magnetic Paper Dolls ~ Little girls love to play dress up and these retro inspired paper dolls make a wonderful children’s gift for birthdays, Christmas or just because.

Magnetic Silly Faces {Fun Activities}

17.  Magnetic Silly Faces {Fun Activities} ~ This fun personalized magnetic silly face will keep kids entertained in the car on a road trip this summer or at home during every day play.

How To-Make a Doorway Puppet Theater

18.  How To-Make a Doorway Puppet Theater ~ This home theater will make kids want to trade Saturday-morning cartoons for sock puppets.  Any doorway becomes center stage with this playful project. Here’s how to get the show on the road.

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