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29 DIY Cinema Themed Parties


How to host an adorable cinema birthday party for your kids! These 29 cinema party themes are super creative and include cakes, clever food ideas, free printables, party favors, and even fabulous entertaining cinema party games.  I’ve got your back with everything you need {and more} for a birthday bash, farewell party or even graduation party!  These party ideas are a Cinematic experience for the movie lover!

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Cinema Party

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1. Outdoor Cinema Party

Outdoor Cinema Party

Now that warm weather is here an outdoor party is the perfect venue for a cinema party.  They’re fun for every age group.  This outdoor party was designed for the toddler in mind with toddler sized tables decorated with tin cans full of fresh flowers, kraft paper table cloths, feathers and painted bead necklaces that also doubled as party favors.

See the party here:  Outdoor Cinema Party 

2. Outdoor Movie Gathering

Outdoor Movie Gathering {Outdoor Entertaining Ideas}

What a great idea to take advantage of the warmer weather while we still have it. A perfect party that can accommodate teens or adults, birthday or just a casual adult get-together! Lots of beautiful inspiration to help you create a vintage Hollywood party!

See the outdoor entertaining ideas here:  Outdoor Movie Gathering

3.  Sparkle Outdoor Party

Sparkly 13th Outdoor Movie Party

This girly 13th outdoor movie birthday party with vintage charm is phenomenal!  Add some sparkly giant balloons, shimmery tassels, ombre caramel apples, charades, cozy quilts, mounds of confetti, s’mores and a 13-layer cake and you have yourself one of the most memorable parties ever.

See the party here:  Sparkly 13th Outdoor Movie Party

4.  Summer Movie Night

Summer Movie Night

I am so loving this vintage movie night in bright summer colors! What a fun and inexpensive way to gather friends and family and indulge in one of our favorite pastimes. Your very own drive-in in your backyard. Hang a white sheet with clothespins, lay some blankets out and don’t forget the popcorn. This would be fantastic for a family reunion, girls night out or even a date night.

See the party idea here: Summer Movie Night

5.  Popcorn Themed Party

Popcorn and a Movie {party ideas}

Movie Night is a fun night for any age or any reason! This amazing post features a boy’s movie night complete with concession stands and a photo booth! And, it was done on a budget. Who could resist the amazing popcorn cupcakes?! They are reason enough to throw a movie night party!

Get the party ideas here:  Popcorn and a Movie

Cinema Party Invitations

Now that you’ve picked your party theme it’s time for some cute Cinema Party invitations to send to your guests.

6.  Free Printable Invitations

Cinema Party Invitations

Spruce up Family Movie Night with these free printables.  The kids will love having invitations, plus they could invite over a friend.  And don’t kid yourself – popcorn always tastes better out of a theater-style bucket!

Get the free printable here:  Family Movie Night Printables

7.  Home Movie Night Printables

Home Movie Night Printables

Plan your very own family movie night with these free printables.  The movie ticket set includes admit tickets, popcorn, drink, candy and treats.

Get the free printables here:  Home Movie Night Printables


If you’re looking for some amazing DIY cinema party decorations then we’ve got you covered with some really cool ones.  You’ll enjoy making these!

8.  DIY Cardboard Ticket Booth

DIY Cardboard Ticket Booth

Natalie created this adorable ticket booth from cardboard boxes, zip ties and paint.  I love the colors she chose and that it’s kid sized and easier to store for those fun summer movie nights.

Get the instructions here:  DIY Cardboard Ticket Booth

9. Drive-In Car Printables

Drive-In Car Printables

How fun are these drive-in cars?!  Party guests can decorate their own box before the movie begins with these free printables.

Get the free printable here:   Drive-In Car Printables

10.  Movie Party Decorations

Movie Party Decorations

Lights, camera, action!  Lisa Storms never disappoints with her amazing paper skills.  She teaches you how to make action packed plates, movie reels, film strips and party favor boxes.

Get the free printables here:  Movie Party Decorations

11.  DIY Vintage Marquee

DIY Vintage Marquee

Real vintage letters are few and far between, but with the help of this tutorial you can make your own! Make them mini or large. And, if you don’t want to spell out an entire word you can just make the first letter of a word.

Get the instructions here:  DIY Vintage Marquee


If you’re planning a long evening then a movie just might not make the cut.  So if you’re looking for some activities to keep the family busy and entertained then here are some fun games and activities for the kids to do during your cinema party.

12.  Movie Night Bingo

Movie Night BingoCheck out the wonderful illustrations on these movie night bingo cards! A fun way for the whole family to participate in a game!  It’s a combination of bingo and i-spy.

Get the free printable here:  Movie Night Bingo

Party Food Ideas

Obviously you’ll need some popcorn at your cinema party but here are some other fun party food ideas and cool things you can make to spruce up a simple food table into a cinematic worthy event.

13.  Rustic Popcorn Bar

Rustic Popcorn Bar {party food ideas}

How fun is this Rustic Popcorn Bar? Party guests can scoop popcorn into a bag, add some butter, sprinkle with seasonings, add some yummy candy, shake and you have the ultimate popcorn. This Popcorn Bar will complement picnics, family reunions or birthday parties.

Get the instructions here:  Rustic Popcorn Bar

14.  Sweet Popcorn

Sweet Popcorn

Are you ever in the mood for sweet popcorn? Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn adds just the perfect amount of sweet to your popcorn (and it’s pretty too!). My children absolutely LOVE Circus Animal Cookie Popcorn because it’s such a fun treat.

Get the recipe here:   Sweet Popcorn

15.  Movie Night Treat Wagon

Movie Night Treat Wagon

How cool is this treat wagon?  It’s a concession stand on wheels!  A tablecloth and a trip to the dollar store packed this wagon full of treats.

Get the instructions here:  Movie Night Treat Wagon

16.  Hot Dog Tray

Hot Dog Tray {free pattern}

These adorable trays are the perfect accessory for hot dogs. Use them for carnivals, picnics, barbecues or any holiday event. Simply print the free pattern to trace and cut on desired scrapbook paper. Easy peasy!

Get the free printable here:  Hot Dog Tray

Dessert Table

Another option for your cinema party is to have a dessert table instead of or in addition to your party food table.   Here are some fun dessert table ideas that you might enjoy.

17.  Movie Birthday Party Dessert Table

Movie Birthday Party

Kids may grow out of cute themed birthday parties, but they never grown out of loving junk food and movies.  So the next time you are planning a party for your teen or tween, turn your home into a movie theater complete with a concession stand.

Get the details here:  Movie Birthday Party Dessert Table

 18.  Red Carpet Hollywood Party

Red Carpet Hollywood Party {teen party themes}

ake a walk on the red carpet at this glitzy Red Carpet Hollywood party. Everything from gold star chandeliers to fun movie snack favorites. What girl won’t love star treatment?!

Details for this teen party theme here:   Red Carpet Hollywood Party


Wow!  I have found some cinema party themed cakes that will blow your mind.  Talk about some incredibly fun inspiration to add to your dessert party table.

19.  Hollywood Birthday Cake

Hollywood Birthday Cake

This Lights, Camera, Birthday! party is packed full of amazing ideas to throw a Hollywood themed party.  The red carpet was rolled out to treat guests with star treatment that included a dessert table featuring this fabulous movie reel and popcorn cake, vip lounge and a concession stand.

20.  Tub of Popcorn Cake

Tub of Popcorn Cake

This cake is popped with delight!  Learn how to make and decorate a tub of popcorn cake for your movie themed party.

21.  Popcorn Cupcakes

Popcorn Cupcakes

Mini marshmallows and chocolate chips are perfect for making popcorn to adorn cupcakes.  Learn how to with this tutorial.

Get the recipe here:   Popcorn Cupcakes

Party Favor

I love little details like a fun party favor.  I fell like it’s the perfect end to a well planned party and a little thank you to your guests as they get to take home a little party of the party.  Here are some cinema party favor ideas that are so clever.

22.  Ticket Stub Party Favor Bags

Ticket Stub Party Favor Bags

Transform kraft paper bags into ticket stubs with scissors and a red & black sharpie.  Fill them full of goodies guests can eat during the movie.

Get the instructions here:  Ticket Stub Party Favor Bags

23.  Make Your Own Popcorn

Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn {Party Favors}

These microwave popcorn bags are perfect for a quick, easy, and inexpensive party favor!  One bag of popcorn kernels will make 25 individual bags.  There aren’t any artificial ingredients so they are much healthier.

23.  Make Your Own Microwave Popcorn {Party Favors} 


Y’all know I love a free printable as they are such an easy way to quickly print out to decorate, make party favors, or embellish any party.  So here are a few party printables that you can use for your cinema party.

24.  Hollywood Party Signs

Hollywood Party Birthday Signs

I made you some free printable birthday signs in red, black, and white for fun party themes like a Hollywood Party, Broadway, popcorn or movie party, or Award Show like a Red Carpet or Oscar Party.  I hope you enjoy them. {hugs}

Get the free printable here: Hollywood Party Birthday Signs

25.  Concession Labels

Concession Labels

Label party food with these 6 free food labels for skittles, lemonade, peanut m&ms, party popcorn, buttered popcorn and red vines.

Get the printables here:  Concession Labels

26.  Retro Red, Black and White Printables

Retro Red, Black and White Printables

Just for you, a new and fabulous Retro Party printable party decor in red, black, and white which contains all you need to decorate for your event!  Retro birthday party pack includes red, black, white printable birthday party decorations perfect for any adult or children party theme.

Print the free printables here:  Retro Red, Black and White Printables

27.  Mini Popcorn Boxes

Mini Popcorn Boxes

Movie parties are always a popular theme.  Whether it is a specific movie or just a general movie theater theme, these printable mini popcorn boxes will come in handy.  You can even print some out for treats during a family movie night.

Get the printable here:   Mini Popcorn Boxes

28.  Popcorn Cupcake Wrappers

Popcorn Cupcake Wrappers

Adorn your cupcakes with these adorable popcorn wrappers.  Simply download, print, cut and attach to your cupcakes.

Get the printable here:  Popcorn Cupcake Wrappers

29.  Outdoor Movie Party Printables

Outdoor Movie Party Printables

Use these adorable printables to decorate for movie night.  The set includes popcorn labels and a “Now Showing” menu.

Get the free printable here:   Outdoor Movie Party Printables

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