11 DIY Copper Jewelry {rings, bracelets, pendants}


How to make the coolest DIY jewelry out of copper!  These fun copper jewelry tutorials include wire wrapped earrings, copper tubing jewelry, bow wire ring, heart wire bracelet, butterfly charms and hammered copper necklaces.

11 DIY Copper Jewelry Tutorials

Copper Jewelry

Copper Jewelry

Copper Jewelry

1. DIY Copper Tubing Jewelry ~ Copper tubing jewelry is the perfect blend of industrial and sparkle!  This tutorial shows you how make necklaces, rings and bracelets from copper and steel tubing.

Copper Ring

Wire Ring

2.  Wire Ring Tutorial ~  This ring is gorgeous in it’s simplicity.  I think that you could give this to anyone and they’d be thrilled!  When you see how easy it is to make you’ll be astounded!

copper wire rings

3.  How to Make a Copper Wire Ring ~  This is a great tutorial for making a copper wire ring.  There are step by step pictured instructions so that you shouldn’t run into any hiccups.  I really like the mix of copper with beads!

Copper Ring Tutorial

4.  Wire Bow Ring DIY {Rings} ~ Looking for a easy DIY project with super stylish results? This bow ring is perfection! With the help of this tutorial you’ll learn how to take simple wire and turn it into this great addition to your jewelry collection.

Copper Bracelet

5.  Pressed Penny Bracelet ~ This pressed penny bracelet is such a fantastic idea and amazingly cute!  It seems like our children always like to collect these from various places that we have gone to.  Since the pennies have been pressed down they are thin and easy to punch a hole in.  You don’t have to be a jewelry maker to do this one.  Yay!

Copper Bracelet

6.  Heart Bracelet DIY {Bracelets and Bangles} ~ Here is a stylish heart bracelet that with the help of this tutorial you can make! All you’ll need is copper wire and two pairs of jewelry pliers! Perfect to wear any day of the year! {wink}

Copper Necklaces

Copper Necklaces

7.  Butterfly Charm Necklace ~ Learn how to bend 18 gauge wire into a beautiful butterfly charm with this pictured step by step tutorial.

Copper Jewelry

8.  DIY Copper Pipe Jewelry ~ Design and create your own copper pendant necklace in 3 simple steps.  String, hammer and paint.  It looks gorgeous worn in layers.

Copper Earrings

Copper Earrings

9. How to Wire-Wrap a Briolette ~ Wire-wrapping a briolette, or any tip-drilled bead or pendant, really transforms a piece into a one-of-kind jewelry creation. Top off the wrapped briolette with clusters of crystals for a gorgeous jewelry gift for birthdays, Christmas or as a thank you gift.  (The tutorial uses gun metal wire, but you could easily use copper wire instead.)

Jewelry Holder

 Jewelry Organization

10.  DIY Ring Storage {Jewelry Storage and Display} ~ This post features a great diy project where you’ll learn how to take an inexpensive divider tray and make it into a chic place to store and display your rings. Easy on the eyes and because it was made for a couple bucks it’s also easy on the wallet.

Jewelry Organization

11.  Jewelry Display Decor ~ A frame makes everything look better and more put together, add a few hooks and you have a beautiful display of your jewelry! With a diy mini shelf to add to the bottom of the frame for smaller jewelry pieces. Great because is dubs as a organizational solution and piece of wall decor!

DIY Copper Jewelry {rings, bracelets & pendants}

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