21 DIY Gifts for Co-Workers and Neighbors {last minute}


Cheap Christmas gift ideas to make for neighbors and Work presents to make for co-workers and colleagues that are chic, cheap, and easy are here at your finger tips!  These fun things to make  and home made gifts are pictured tutorials for a coffee cozie, business card holder, ipad case, coffee scrub, reindeer root beer, cookie dough kit, fire starters and monogrammed tea towels.

DIY Gifts for Co-Workers and Neighbors {last minute} 

As always, the Tip Junkie Homemade Gifts site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for Homemade Gifts for Neighbors and Homemade Gifts for Co-Workers so you can always search there if you’re looking for something specific. {wink}

Work Present 

DIY iPhone Wallet {tutorial}

1.  DIY iPhone Wallet {tutorial} ~ If you are in need of a new wallet and iPhone case and have some sewing skills then this is a fabulous post featuring an iPhone wallet tutorial! It holds your iPhone, some credit cards and has a slot to store some cash. Perfect for quick on the go trips. You don’t even have to remove the phone from the case to use it. How fab is that?!

Homemade Present Idea

2.  iPad Case Tutorial {pictured instructions} ~ For the person that has everything (aka an iPad or iPad2) this cute case is the perfect gift to complement their new toy.  It’s made from shrunken sweaters.  How clever!
DIY Business Card Holder
3.  Felt Business Card Holder ~ This handmade monogram business card holder is cute and functional.  Perfect for the business man or woman.

DIY Mug Cozy 4.  Felt Mug Cozy ~ Move over classic coffee cup, Megan of Not Martha has given a spectacular spin to the always lovable –and giftable– mug. These colorful can’t take-our-eyes-off-them felt sleeves make sipping hot cocoa that much more delicious.

Homemade Coffee Scrub Gift {Recipe}

5.  Homemade Coffee Scrub Gift {Recipe} ~ I just love the smell of coffee.  This super easy recipe make a great body scrub that you can use at home or package up and give away as a gift.  Great for teachers, co-workers, or thank you gifts.

Frugal Things to Make

Cookie Gift Set {free printables}

6.  Cookie Gift Set {free printables} ~ Here are some great printables for an easy gift idea.  The entire gift set includes tutorials for a hand stamped spoon, a duck cloth pouch, cookie mix and the printable tags.  

Mason Jar Gift Idea {free printable}

7.  Mason Jar Gift Idea {free printable} ~ Ho ho ho!  This Santa decorated jar is filled with red licorice bites.  Attach the free printable “believe” tag for the perfect gift.  

Oreo Elf Feet {free pattern}

8.  Oreo Elf Feet {free pattern} ~ How adorable are these Oreo Elf Feet?!  They’re perfect if you don’t have time to bake cookies this year.

Candy Drum Gift Set

9.  Christmas Candy Drum {free printable} ~ This adorable gift was inspired by the 12 Drummer’s Drumming.  You’ll help your neighbors power through the holiday season with these clear painter’s buckets filled with candy.  Attach the free printable to finish it off.

Homemade Cookie Dough Log {edible gifts}

10.  Homemade Cookie Dough Log {edible gifts} ~ Who doesn’t love cookies fresh from the oven? This clever way to gift cookies allows the recipient to bake fresh cookies whenever they would like. Simply make your favorite cookie recipe, form into a log and attach the free printable tag that includes baking instructions.

Hot Chocolate on a Stick11.  Hot Chocolate on a Stick ~  These super cute hot chocolate sticks use homemade chocolate blocks AND marshmallows, so really, they are a win/win.  How could your child’s teacher NOT swoon over these babies?  {wink}

Happy "Root Beer" {free printable tags}

12.  Happy “Root Beer” {free printable tags} ~ How adorable is this 6-pack of reindeer root beer?  It’s a simple and frugal gift idea that you can make with brown pipe cleaners, red pom poms and the free printable.  DIY Vanilla Extract13.  Homemade Vanilla Extract ~ If you’re looking for an easy, affordable and rewarding homemade holiday gift for friends, family co-workers or boss, whipping up a batch of your own vanilla extract is the perfect solution! After all, with lots of holiday baking on the horizon, vanilla extract will be a welcome (and delicious) homemade gift.

14.  S’mores Cake in a Jar ~ You don’’t have to go camping to have this delicious treat!  What could be better than ooey gooey chocolatey s’mores?! Neighbor Gift 15.  Dollar Store DIY Hot Pads ~ Makeover a pair of hot pads from the dollar store by adding some fun fabric and trim.  Freshly baked bread pairs well with them.  {wink}

What Gift to Give Neighbors

DIY Herb Firestarter {gifts}

16.  DIY Herb Firestarter {gifts} ~ I think this is such a fun and original gift idea, perfect for a winter neighbor gift. Coffee filters are filled with dried herbs, cinnamon sticks and dried orange peel for a wonderfully fragrant fire. Light the filter and you have easy-to-burn kindling to get your fire going.

DIY Christmas Gift

17.  Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes ~ Give a handmade, vintage mason jar snow globe or terrarium as a Christmas gift. This gift is easy for kids to make for parents and grandparents, and they’ll love being able to pick out their own decorations for the globes.

Santa Suit Hand Towels {frugal christmas presents}

18.  Santa Suit Hand Towels {frugal christmas presents} ~ Ho ho ho! This jolly Santa Claus dish towel is festive and fabulous! A red hand towel, ribbon, fur trim and a basic sewing machine stitch was used. The total cost was around $4 which makes it a great gift for neighbors and friends.

Christmas Gift for Neighbors

19.  Monogramed Tea Towel Gift {DIY Christmas Gifts} ~ Looking for a great gift DIY project to make for your friends and family this year? This is it! With the trendy monogramed detail, this tea towel makes a great little gift! Paired with the festive packaging and you have a lovely, easy to make gift!

Neighbor Gift

20.  Handsoap Neighbor Gift {free printable} ~ This little gift is perfect for neighbors, teachers, the crossing guard, just about everybody. You can print out the “We WASH You A Merry Christmas” tag for free and attach it to your favorite hand soap for an instant present.

Fabric Drawstring Bags

21.  Fabric Drawstring Bags ~ Want a cute way to present those….well, presents? Whip up a bunch of these cute and simple drawstring bags to stash goodies and gifts to give away.

Things to Make and Do:

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