17 DIY Groomsmen Gifts


If you’re tying the knot and wondering what to make for your groomsmen for a simple thank you then look no further! {I’ve got you back}  Here are 17 of the best gift ideas to make for your groomsmen!  These home made gifts are perfect for men and include pictured tutorials for a leather journal, leather wallet, photo album, coffee cozy, flask sleeve, cuff links, scrabble coasters, golf club head cover, leather balm and shaving cream.

DIY Groomsmen Gifts

We’ve taken away all the guess work on gifts to make for men with these incredible tutorials. For even more homemade gift ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 701 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Best Gift Ideas

Best Men's Gift Ideas

1.  DIY Leather Journal {gifts for men} ~ Take a boring journal and turn it into something unique and fabulous! Wrap it in leather and personalize it with their name or initials. The leather gives it a masculine touch making it perfect for gift giving, or chronicling your own adventures.

Manly Toiletry Bag

2.  Manly Toiletry Bag ~ I made these Toiletry bags for most of the men in our family since they all needed them, and this was a gift that actually was homemade as well as liked and used.

DIY Leather Wallet

3.  DIY Leather Wallet ~ Sew a leather wallet for your groomsmen with this simple sewing tutorial. You could even emboss their initials on it.

Repurposed Ties

4.  Recycled Tie Photo Album ~ Repurpose old ties into photo albums.  Perfect for holding photos from the wedding.

Crafts with Ties

5.  Monogrammed Necktie Coffee Cuff ~ Make a monogrammed coffee cozy for your groomsmen.  It’’s an inexpensive and practical gift idea. Handlebar Mustache

6.  DIY Mustache Glass ~ These etched mustache glasses are too cute!  You can purchase a stencil or make your own with a die cut machine.   

No-Sew Leather & Wool Flask Sleeve

7.  No-Sew Leather & Wool Flask Sleeve ~ This leather and wool flask sleeve is the perfect gift for the men in your life, father or grandfather.  It would also be great as a groomsmen gift.  The best part is that it’’s a no-sew project.

Personalized Beer Growlers

8.  Personalized Beer Growlers ~ Personalized gifts are always a great pic for groomsmen gifts and these growlers are no exception.  Using a stencil and glass etching kit you could use the technique on glass mugs or cups as well.

Wine Bottle Covers

9.  Wine Bottle Covers ~ Check out this clever gift wrap idea using an old or unwanted men’s dress shirt.  You could even make custom cuff links to add to the button holes.

Scrabble Coasters

10.  Scrabble Coasters ~ Check out this clever coaster technique using Scrabble tiles!  Spell out words that describe the recipient or even their name. 

What to Make for Groomsmen

DIY Stamped Mustache Handkerchief

11.  DIY Stamped Mustache Handkerchief ~ Craft foam shapes can be used as stamps so any shape will work for a hand stamped handkerchief.

DIY Cuff Links

12.  DIY Cuff Links ~ Make a set of custom cuff links with clip art, resin and cuff link blanks. 

Golf Club Head Cover

13.  Golf Club Head Cover ~ These golf club head covers would make a perfect groomsmen gift, or birthday/Christmas gift for the avid golfer.  I love the vintage look these have.

Laptop Cover

14.  Leather Laptop or Tablet Case DIY ~ Looking for a fashionable yet inexpensive laptop or tablet case, why not make your own? With this tutorial you’ll learn how to take a piece of leather material and turn it into a stylish way to transport your device!  

Gifts for Men

15.  Rosemary Mint Shave Cream {gifts for men} ~ Pamper the men in your life with this amazing Rosemary Mint Shave Cream. It combines shea butter and coconut oil leaving their skin extra smooth and moisturized. It’’s a practical gift he can continue to enjoy. How cool!

Scrub for Men

16.  A DIY Scrub for The Men {Body Scrubs} ~ Looking for a groomsmen or birthday gift for the man in your life? This scrub was created with the man in mind. Made with pepper and mint to give it a scent that is a bit more manly. Make it, put it in a jar, wrap it up and you have a great way to pamper him! 

Homemade Leather Balm {recipe how to}

17.  Homemade Leather Balm {recipe how to} ~ This homemade leather balm is the perfect gift for men and women. It will help with the every day care as well as weatherproofing for leather boots. It’s a mixture of cocoa butter, beeswax and almond oil. You could also dilute it for a luxurious body balm.



 Homemade Gift Ideas

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