15 DIY Halloween Nail Art Ideas


Tutorials for how to DIY Halloween Nail Art! We are in love with these nail art ideas that are Halloween themed for some seriously spook-tacular finger nails. These nail art tutorials include how to apply nail polish, DIY nail art, and more!

Halloween nails-jpg

We’ve taken away all the guess work on nail art design with these incredible tutorials. For even more beauty and style ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 1,000 tutorials.  You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Halloween nails

Halloween Nails

1.  Halloween Nail Art ~ Can you believe the skeleton was done free hand? You can replicate these nails with just two base nail polish colors!


2. Halloween Nails ~ There’s not much NOT to love about these Halloween nails. The multicolored nails really make a statement, and keep the nails cheery.

dotted halloween nails

3. Dotted Halloween Nails ~ This is probably our favorite Halloween nail art because of the use of matte nail polish and the colors are just so cute together!

candy corn nails

4. Candy Corn Meets Halloween ~ Who would have thought that cute candy corn nails could look so fabulous paired with a few darker Halloween accents. This is not a tutorial, but if you take the image to your nail gal, I bet she’d be able to replicate it!

Halloween Nail Art


5. Spider Web Nails ~ Learn how to paint spider webs on your nails for Halloween. The colors look fabulous!


6.  Jack Skellington Nails ~ This is a fabulous tutorial for making Jack Skellington nails. Not only are there step-by-step written instructions, there are step-by-step pictures, PLUS a video!


7. Grave Yard Nails ~ This is a great tutorial for making a grave yard on your nails for Halloween. You’ll need a few different nail polishes for this one!

Halloween Nail Designs

vampire and sidekick halloween nails

8.  Vampire and His Sidekick Nails ~ Seriously, who would guess that a vampire and his sidekick could look so darn cute? The color palette is super spook-tacular, too.

skittle skeleton halloween nails

9. Skittle Skeleton Nails ~ These nails got their name because each nail is painted differently. The purple base sets off the design perfectly!


10. Easy Skull Nails ~ Skull nails are all the rage for Halloween nail art. These nails get our pick because they only use TWO colors which makes them easier to do!

Halloween Nail Art Ideas


11.  Skulls for Halloween ~ If you’re looking for a spooky Halloween nail art idea, but don’t want it to look too gruesome, these Halloween skulls are a great pick!

vampire nails

12.  Halloween Vampires ~ Translate to English if you don’t read Spanish so that you can get this fun Vampire Nail Art Tutorial.

Ghost Buster Nails

13.  Ghost Busters Nails ~ This idea for Ghost Buster nails is brilliant. There’s not a tutorial, but ou can get a great idea of how to do the nails from the image.


14. Fuzzy Monster Buddies ~ How cute are these? The awesome thing about these nails is that they can absolutely be customized. Change the fur, hair, horns, or expression and make your monster buddies totally unique.

Halloween Witch's Brew Potion Nail Art-jpg

15. Witches Brew Nails ~ These witches brew nails are so clever we can hardly stand it. Watch the video to see how to make them yourself!

More Nail Art Ideas:

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