19 DIY Jewelry Tutorials {how to make beautiful jewelry}

DIY Jewelry that are fun things to make as home made presents.  These DIY Jewelry tutorials include pictured instructions on how to make earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, fabric flowers, and even jewelry holders.

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DIY Jewelry

DIY Jewelry

1.  Layered Earring DIY ~ The layered look of these earrings is fabulous!  Can you believe that they are felt?  Simply trace and cut the desired shape on felt and attach to fish hooks.  How simple yet elegant!

Tassel Earrings

2.  DIY Tassel Earrings ~ Tassels aren’t just for curtain tie backs or lamp shades.  I think they are perfect for earrings too!  Simply use your choice of chain whether it’s gold, silver or bronze and tie it off with matching wire.  If you desire a punch of pizzazz you can add some colored thread!

DIY Jewelry

3.  Hammered Metal Hoop Earrings {tutorial} ~ These earring are simple to make, and you may even have all the supplies you need already laying around the house, which makes them FREE.  Better than the $38 version they are a knock-off of, don’t ya think?

Charming Necklace

4.  Charming Necklace Tutorial – Look at how lovely this necklace is!  The choice of color with the offset of yellow gives it the perfect touch.  This would make a perfect Christmas gift.  Don’t forget to make one for yourself. {wink}

Washer Necklace

5.  Stamped Washer Necklace – These customized washer necklaces are a must have.  I’m thinking Christmas gifts.  You could make one for your daughter, sister, friends and family.  And, don’t forget yourself!

Vintage Necklace

6.  DIY Chunky Necklace ~ Turn vintage necklaces from thrift shops (or your grandma’s closet) into new handmade jewelry. Simply layer and weave the necklaces together to create your own DIY chunky necklace.

Anthropologie Inspired Necklace

7.  Anthropologie Inspired Necklace – It’s not too early to start making your Christmas gifts.  Start with this beautiful fabric necklace.  It’s perfect for your sister, mother or even teachers.

Colorblock Bangle

8.  DIY Colorblock Bangle ~ Restyle an old bangle bracelet with some embroidery thread and a hot glue gun.  Simply wrap the thread around the bangle in a colorblock pattern and adhering the ends with hot glue.  Wouldn’t this also be fabulous in an ombre pattern?!

Cuff Bracelet
9.  Easy Chunky Cuff Bracelet – Look at how fab-u-lous these chunky cuff bracelets are!  They are the perfect bracelet because they are adjustable and fit any size wrist.  The cuff bracelet and the pendant were bought at Michael’s and cost under $10.

Purl One Bracelet

10.  DIY Anthropologie Purl One Bracelet {Handmade Gift}These bracelets are a clever way to use up small amounts of yarn and old chain necklaces to make beautiful handmade gifts for any occasion.

Art Deco Watch

11.  How to Make an Art Deco Watch – This Art Deco Watch is the perfect accessory for your Fall and Winter wardrobe!  It’s a perfect mixture of ribbon, chain link, and decorative flowers.

Fork Ring
12.  Fork Ring Jewelry Tutorial ~ There are so many fun uses for this great tutorial.  You could use this as a craft activity for a class or youth group.  Or you could also make a sentimental gift for a new bride or parent having an anniversary using one of their wedding silverware.

DIY Jewelry

13.  DIY Girl’s Flower Ring ~ This craft is easy enough the kids could make one too!  Just get  your hands on some cute buttons, and turn them into these fun rings, with the band made from a stretchy headband.  I think this would be an especially cute gift for a young teen.

Statement Ring

14.  Button Statement Ring ~ These big and bold statement rings are fantastic!  You can pick up a package of 8 ring flats at Michael’s for only $3.19.  Use your E-6000 glue to adhere the buttons to the ring flats.  That’s it!  Easy peasy.

Fabric Rosettes
15.  5 Minute Fabric Rosettes ~ I love this simple and inexpensive technique for making fabric rosettes.  Courtney says, “If you can twist and roll fabric and dab some glue, you’re golden.”  They are made by using fat quarters and mod podge for adhesive.  Add these lovelies to headbands, homemade jewelry, brooches, clothing or anywhere your heart desires.

Braided Fabric Flower Headband

16.  Braided Fabric Flowers ~ I have been having a blast making these fun braided fabric flowers.  They are the perfect project to do while watching your favorite television shows.  Using strips of fabric, you simply braid away.

Jewelry Holder
17.  Thrift Store frame into a Jewelry HolderThrift Store frame into a Jewelry HolderFor less than $15 and you can turn a thrift store frame into a custom, distressed jewelry holder.  A great birthday gift for a friend or a Christmas gift for a jewelry lover, especially if you attach some new jewelry to hang on it as well.

Jewelry Pinboard

18.  DIY: Lovely Pinboard {Jewelry}This lovely pinboard can be used as a jewelry board too. Made out of wood, cork and fabric, this simple and inexpensive gift is perfect for the jewelry lover.

Earring Holder
19.   Button Earring Holder ~ Keep your earrings organized with this simple trick, buttons.  It’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep your dangling and stud earrings from getting lost.  Simply glue the buttons onto organza ribbon and pierce the backs of your earrings through the button holes.  Once you have paired your earrings together you can roll up the ribbon and you are set for traveling.

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