DIY Laundry Hamper {Tutorial}


DIY Laundry Hamper {Tutorial}

Check out this super fabulous laundry hamper.  It’s cute enough you may actually look forward to doing laundry.  OK, probably not, but still!  It folds up and the liner is removable.  Plus, I love that it’s smaller than most hampers – perfect for a nursery.  Find out the colors of the baby’s room and you could totally give this as a baby shower gift.

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  1. Comment-Anonymous Tami W

    It’s a yarn bag!! It’s perfect cause it’ll stand up right next to your chair and hold your yarn and whatever project you’re working on. So darned cute..and you can make the fabric match your furniture or whatever, so it’ll fit right in. Why on EARTH would you want to give something away that is so darned cute?!

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