Easy High School Homework Station for Boys with Scotch Tape!

How to decorate the most used items for a High School BOY homework station using the Scotch Expressions Tape is easy with 3 quick steps to make sure your son’s back-to-school homework station is organized with a *tote* that is cool, so they’ll want to do their homework!  {{wink}} Note:  3M challenged me to make a back-to-school project with their new Scotch Expressions Tape, and I accepted.

Easy High School Homework Station for Boys with Scotch Tape!

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Project

The best part about this project is that these 3 steps for embellishing a homework station for your son are EASY!   You can quickly throw all of his supplies into an office organizer and then you’re ready to tape it up chic.  So,  whether you are getting super elaborate, or not, Scotch Expressions Tape is quick, simple to use, and fun-tastic!  Plus,  Scotch Expressions Tapes are available in over 100 colors and patterns so you have TONS to choose from and anything you make is going to be unique.  And, it gets even better!   Scotch Expressions Tape comes in four varieties:

  1. Magic Tape
  2. Masking tape
  3. Washi tape
  4. Shipping tape

Did I mention it’s affordable?  {Prices range from $2.50 for a single pack to $5.99 for a triple pack.}

Items You’ll Need:  Homework Station for Boys

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Text Books

1. Text Books.

I know “online textbooks” are all the rage with the High School Administration, but did you know that they require a Flash Player which is NOT supported by mobile phone or tablet devices?!?  Yep, that’s right.  So if your son is as unorganized as mine can be ~ get a second copy of his text books to keep at home.

Let’s face it ~ text books are bulky and ugly!  Who wants to look at that bulk everyday in your kitchen or office area?  {not me}  So, I quickly covered the text books with a fabric book cover and used Scotch Expressions Tape to embellish and label.  Voila.  The difference is subtle, fan-tastic and functional.

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Charging Cord

2. Supply and Charging Station.

My teenage son would never sneak his phone into his room when technology hours are over, or forget to take his iGo charger to Marching Band, or go to College Algebra without his calculator…  {snort}

Therefore, having all of these items in one place which is visible to both Mom and Son is handy dandy!  I used this black office organizer to quickly pop all of the supplies he’ll need while doing his homework which are then easy to re-pack into his backpack after homework.  {{smart, right?}}

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape iPhone Cord charger

I also used Scotch Expression tape to mark his iGo mobile charger and his charging cord.  All of his cords are wrapped in this tape so he won’t steal one of his brothers! {or vice versa}

What I love about the Scotch tape is that it is so easy and fun to use.  I’ll warn you ~ it’s a little addicting.  I wrapped pens, labeled Davis’ calculator, added a flag onto a paper clip for a bookmark, and even quickly embellished the office organizer.

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Frame

3. Weekly Schedule.

We are a pretty high-tech family… but with all the technology like the Schoology App for courses, PowerSchool for grades, family Google Calendar sync, alarms on their phone, and teacher’s websites… life can feel overwhelming.

Which is why a simple “don’t forget” wipe on/off frame is perfect for the busy teenage boy who’s always on the go!  You can also use it for affirmations like love notes from Mom.  {ahhhh.}

I’m digging the DIY tape ribbons people are making!  I used this tape ribbon from Oh My! Handmade pictured tutorial to make the one you see on the frame.

DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Homework Station

Cheap. Fun. Beautiful. Organized… Doesn’t get better than that!

More about Scotch Expressions Tape

You can pick Scotch Expressions Tape up at office superstores and mess retailers nationwide, as well as online.   It’s easy to find a store near you that sells it.  Just go to ScotchBrand.com and type in your zip code.

If you have a One Direction lover in your household, then you’ll want to grab some Scotch Expressions Tape at Office Depot.  They are selling five  limited edition One Direction tapes in partnership with an anti-bullying campaign.

Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper Contest

gift wrap

Do you love to GIFT WRAP????  If so, you’ll HAVE to enter this contest!  {{shut the front door!}}

The 17th annual Scotch Most Gifted Wrapper Contest will take place Friday, December 6 at Celsius at Bryant Park in New York City.  {{Who is with me in entering}}

Here’s the deets:

  • Submit a 3-minute video of your best gift wrap and gift wrapping tips before September 22 to be considered.
  • Eight finalists will be chosen and flown to New York City for an all-expenses paid trip to compete for the $10,000 and the title of the 2013 Scotch Brand Most Gifted Wrapper.
  • The first 50 valid entries will automatically receive a prize pack of the new Scotch Expressions Tapes!

Disclosure: This DIY Scotch Expressions Tape Project was sponsored by 3M.   All creations, opinions and tips are my own. {wink}

Easy High School Homework Station for Boys with Scotch Tape!


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  1. Putting the tape around the charger plug…genius! In my family this would keep them from getting mixed up! Thanks for sharing such great tips.

  2. I have 3 boys and this is sooooo cute! I love the bicycle tape and the idea to wrap each of their cords in a different color/pattern so they don’t “borrow” each others!

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